Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And now for the good news.

Appropriately, after yesterday's effort, came the news on the radio this morning that women can now look forward to being paid equally for equal jobs in 20 years time! Oh Joy. So those of you who are now in your striving forties; juggling children, jobs, homes, husbands, childcare etc, can look forward to retiring just as your pay packet weighs the same as a bloke's.
And the even better news is that it will take 200 years for women to be equally represented in Parliament. Mind you, given that the House of Commons looks and sounds like a childrens' playground in a deprived area of Liverpool (apologies to Liverpool - it could be anywhere) what sane woman would want to be included?
However, this "news" does point out what we all know, that women have a long way to go before they have anything like the power that blokes have over their own lives.

What awesome timing! Gordon Brown (or Golden Brown as Terry Wogan endearingly calls him) yesterday announced that he plans to build xx thousands of new homes on flood plain land.(So John Prescott,departed Deputy Prime Minister, was on his wavelength!)
The great GB won't, of course, be living in one of them, or going anywhere near them.
(I suppose he might consider a "buy to leave" would be a good investment.)
No, these new homes are for families so desperate to get on the housing ladder that they will live anywhere, put up with rapidly increasing interest rates, pay through their noses for gas and electricity, have no choice about where they send their children to school and, eventually, deal with being flooded every 10 years or so.

Anyway, enough of yesterday's news. I discovered that I had already given myself another name on one of my aborted "blog" missions. So I have "The Home Service" to fall back on if I should blot my copybook.

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