Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bye bye July.

      I just can't believe we're at the end of July already. And the school holidays are upon us. Though this year my services have  not been required so far! Big Grandson, being now all of fourteen, has his own ideas of how he wants to spend his days and it's not exactly with his Nana doing nana-ish sort of things. He is going off with his (adopted) Dad for a week next week - they are going to be camping in France, just him and his Father's Father, which I'm sure will be fun. He will be doing French for one of his GCSE subjects, so hopefully they will be speaking a bit of French while they are there. When he comes back I'm planning a day in London at the V&A, including a look at the Frida Kahlo exhibition. He surprised me when I suggested it, thinking that he wouldn't know who she was, but he did and was delighted at the prospect of going. Art is another of his GCSE choices, and he has a pretty enlightened young Art Teacher whom we call Mr. Cool (mainly because he wears a cool leather jacket and rides a cool motorbike to school). I'm pretty sure that Frida Kahlo will be his cup of tea, and he will be interested in her life story. Anyway, that's a plan which meets with his approval so I need to book tickets. Otherwise he seems to be into "chillin" and meeting up with his friends, little Alfie, who comes up to his elbow, and big Kai who is the same huge size as Grandson and with whom he goes to Boxing  on Thursdays - so far so normal.
      Yesterday evening I went to look at a bicycle which was for sale, and  made the mistake of trying to ride it when I could see it was too big and too heavy for me. Haha, I promptly fell over, with the bike on top of me. I screamed and the sweet lady who was selling the bike looked very alarmed and
tried to help me up. I slowly felt around and discovered that I wasn't badly hurt. My chest was painful and I had a job getting up, but no bones broken and only a few bruises. That'll teach me - I really need to acknowledge that I am not as sprightly as I once was.
      Oops I seem to have slipped into August and that's typical of me - I start something and then wander off and forget about it. Ah well, happy August...

Monday, July 23, 2018

Stalled again..

      I don't know why but I can't seem to move in any direction at the mo! The possibility of selling this house came and went very quickly - though it was a positive experience because all the people who came to view were very impressed with what I have done. At least that's what they said after the Agent had shown them round (should that be shewn?), and there were 6 viewings in 2 weeks with one cash offer very close to the asking price. I felt that was a good result and though I definitely felt I couldn't move in a hurry, it did reassure me about the value of my house. After all I spent a great deal of money on refurbishing it, and in the current climate (what with Brexit etc) I wasn't sure about property values, even here in the South East, close to Brighton, which is usually a "hot spot". So a positive response, and I look around and feel that it was worth spending the money to make the house "perfect". Instead of spending a fortune on moving, I'm planning to spend it on nice trips and fun!!
      Big Grandson will be pleased anyway,  because although he would like me to be living next door  to Daughter and Co, he doesn't want me to sell this house - not surprising I guess because when he stays with me he has his own bedroom and bathroom, and I simply let him be which is important for teenagers I think. Yes he plays on his XBox a lot, but we always balance that with stuff we do together, like eating supper and watching a movie :)) - sometimes even playing Scrabble -  and his Mum does limit his game time, which is good. I was listening this morning to a programme on Radio 4 about children with addiction problems related to their phones, screens and social media in general. It's difficult to deal with and obviously something to be aware of and guard against..
      The first trip I'm planning is another Barcelona jolly with the very same Big Grandson. I'm just looking at flights and we are going for a week at the end of August, the week before he goes back to school. We are planning to stay with Son and family in Barcelona and will do some lovely things I'm sure. They are five minutes from the beach and the weather should still be hot. One thing we won't be doing is taking his X Box!
      P.S. I have been watching and listening to the golf over the weekend, as it sort of helps me through my football withdrawal symptoms! One of the commentators happened to mention that "Harry Kane, England Captain" was among the spectators. I felt immensely cheered by that - there he was, apparently wearing sunglasses, enjoying some time off watching the Open. What Larks! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Heat is ON.

       What a Summer we are having, It's so hot - too hot for many people - and there's the World Cup too. It certainly is a July to remember. I'm quite  happy to stay out of the sun and watch football, but I have also had a couple of lovely days on the beach at Rustington with one of my Best Friends, and we have swum in the sea too. It's glorious and much too good to miss.
       This evening it's going to be the first semi-final of the World Cup, with France playing Belgium. It's bound to be a tough game, and I'm having a job deciding who to support - especially since we (England) will be facing the winners tomorrow in our semi-final. Throughout this tournament I have been cheering for the team which had either a Spurs, or ex-Spurs player, and in this instance both teams have Spurs connections! It's a tricky one! France have Lloris as their Captain and goalie, and as he is the current Spurs goalkeeper, I guess I'll go with France. However, just to complicate matters further, I am going out for dinner this evening too - meeting a BBF at 8pm at Cote in Brighton, which is lovely, but I'm already making plans to arrive early and pop into the Pub opposite where they have a large screen for the footie. If I time it right, I can arrive at 7pm, watch the first half there and then just pop across the road at half time for our supper. And then I'll just have to catch up with the second half later...
       But tomorrow evening, I'll be glued to the England game and unable to focus on anything else except our brave boys and their Manager. Am I the only one who was confident that they would do well in this World Cup? I was certainly in a minority but I have been optimistic about their chances from the beginning. I'm naturally positive and could see that the combination of a young. intelligent Manager with a young and very talented squad would have a good chance. And it has been good to see the pundits growing in confidence too. Lineker, Shearer and Co have also cheered up hugely and are obviously daring to hope for a trophy. There has been none of that awful negativity of previous years.  Yes, it has been a surprising World Cup in that many of the old favourites were knocked out, but maybe it's time they were. Goodbye to Ronaldo, Messi and Co and hello to Kane, Alli and Co.. Gareth Southgate may be guilty of starting a fashion in M & S waistcoats but who cares if he can lead our young Lions to Victory. Come on England!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018


      Well, I don't suppose I'm the only one writing about the football today. Last night I was glued to the television, just like millions of other fans, and going through very hell as our team fought its way to the quarter finals of the World Cup! And fought it was - I don't think I have seen quite as many deliberate fouls on and off the ball as we witnessed last night. I suppose I should have felt sorry for the poor referee who was mobbed by Colombian players every time he made a decision they didn't like. And there were plenty of those. Our boys, though, were magnificent and mostly kept their cool.
Of course the fact that the Spurs have five players in the England Squad is a matter of great pride to me, and my family. And they all played so well - three of them scoring in the final penalty shoot-out:
Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier and the heroic Eric Dier. What an excitement it was. and what a great result. Now we have to wait for the quarter final match against Sweden on Saturday. And as I have been watching the World Cup every day since it started, I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms.
Wimbledon is no consolation either, though I expect I will take more notice of it next week.
      The hot (boiling) weather has luckily coincided with the World Cup, so I have  had the perfect excuse to stay out of the sun. Our grass is dry and burned off, and the poor plants are all gasping. I do give them some water, but it's impossible to give them enough. At the weekend I did go to a friend's beach hut in Rustington, which is fairly near, and had a glorious swim in the sea. It was my first swim of the year and just perfect on such a hot day. We also did those traditional "Beach Hut" things like making cups of tea and chasing her dog. And she was doing mini housekeeping in the hut.  It was very funny, and we laughed a lot.
      Moving on, I seem to be undecided about moving on. I was quite sure until last week when Big Grandson said he likes it here, and as he spends quite a lot of time here, that's important. In fact he stayed with me for the week last week as his Mum and the New Bloke went off for a few days holiday to the Isle of Wight. We got on very well and didn't have a single argument which he said was a novelty. Mind you, that house is so crowded what with New Bloke, his oldest Son of 18 and the dog living there permanently, with Daughter, Big Grandson and Granddaughter. And New Bloke's daughter who is 5, comes for weekends. We only need Old Uncle Tom Cobbley and all to top it off - it's no wonder they argue when they must be tripping over each other all the time.
    Ah well, nothing's perfect, I'm just glad it's not me sharing one bathroom with that lot!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mothers and Grandmothers.....

    Last week I put both feet in it, regarding my lovely Barcelona family. I was thinking of going out for a few days, and hoping to help with my little Grandson, when Son's Partner had to fly off to Warsaw because her very elderly Grandmother was poorly and not likely to live much longer. To cut a long and complicated story short, I sent a loving message of condolences to both my Son's Partner and her Mother before the beloved Grandma had actually died. This was not my fault, because someone else had anticipated the event, but nevertheless, I did actually send the messages before checking. Oh dear! Many heartfelt moments later I was sending apologies and feeling dreadful. It's lucky for me that my family are so understanding, so that when the dear Grandmother did pass away, a couple of days later, I was able to send a very sincere message without feeling a complete fool. Once again, a Mother's place was in the wrong - I should expect it by now!
    And I'm not off to BCN in the immediate future because it's Big Grandson's 14th Birthday on 30th, and his Half Term too, so I imagine I will be on duty here for the holidays.
   Well, it's  the Royal Wedding today, and a lovely day for it. I'm not watching it at the mo, writing this instead, but I'm listening to the radio, so I guess I'm semi-involved. When you think of it, Ms Markle is just about the furthest she could be from the traditional royal bride: she's divorced for a start, and 'mixed race' as it is politely put, she is older than Harry by a year or two and she has been a star of the small screen (in old-fashioned terms, a show-girl). If only she was Jewish as well, we would have the full set! But it just shows how far our own Royal Family, and our society as a whole, have come in adapting to real, modern life. I'm immensely cheered by the fact that it shows an overall tolerance which was certainly not the case in previous years.
      Having watched the ceremony - irresistible really - I'm even more impressed with the way their two cultures have been intertwined for the occasion. I could have done without the extra-long white train on the white dress, but otherwise the new Duchess looked just lovely. I was also impressed with her Mother - when you think that this lady had flown across the Atlantic on her own, met the Queen of England for tea yesterday, and is now sitting watching her daughter marry a Prince in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, it could all have been overwhelming, but she is somehow both modest and dignified, beautifully dressed in an understated way and thoroughly calm in the situation. I'm not one for religious ceremonies, but the Evangelical Bishop from America was a regular blast of fresh air, and the Gospel Choir singing 'Stand by Me' was genius. A final thought from me: Blimey, Meghan Markle, a divorced, mixed race American television actress is now a Duchess and has the Queen of England as her Grandmother-in-Law! It's the stuff of fairy tales.
      My favourite bit is the celebrity watching (the Beckhams and George Clooney in particular), and I intend to do a bit more of that before I switch off and watch the Cup Final. I'll be cheering for Chelsea I think, only because it's better to have a team to cheer for, and I'm not a great fan of  'the Chosen One'. If Man U don't win he will be so grumpy...I wonder what his Mother is like?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Shakin' all Over...

      I've got one of  those days when I'm extremely shaky and can't seem to do anything about it. Luckily typing and driving aren't impaired by this, and I'm not sure why it should be  so bad today!
The only possible cause I think is the news I got yesterday that my lovely maisonette in Hove  is on the market again! After a scant three years!  And I lived in it and loved it for 13 years. I feel both sad and angry about it, though why it should rankle ((great word) I'm not sure. It does though, because I believed that the lady who bought it from me loved it too - though she did proceed to change just about everything so perhaps that was a clue!  She put in three new bathrooms, a new fitted kitchen, and painted the whole place white - so most of the character it had was promptly diluted. Apparently she has kept my fabulous chandeliers, which is some comfort, though that may be because she can't reach them. Ah well, I know I'm planning to leave here in search of somewhere that feels more like home, so perhaps she is doing the same. We are all different after all..
      Watch out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they have fixed their wedding date for 19th May, and I can only warn them that this may not be an auspicious day. According to folk lore, marrying in May is not advisable, and I can vouch for that: my first (!) marriage was on Friday 19th May 1961, and what a disaster that was. We were married at Caxton Hall in London, which was very smart, and I wore a pink silk suit and a black (designer) hat. The week before, my Sister's fiance had been killed in a horrible car accident (although she was amazingly unhurt) so there was already a pall literally hanging over the event. I have to say it went from bad to worse after that and lasted a mere 15 months, which was more than enough for me. And I recoiled from marriage so completely afterwards that I didn't contemplate doing it again until 1975!  Still, that's only my experience and it was all a long time ago - I'm sure the young Royals will be fine, and I wish them every happiness.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Memories on a Sunny Day..

       At last the sun is really shining and it's actually warm. My little garden has a show of spring flowers and if my mobile phone hadn't died on me, I would try to put on a couple of photos for you.
The little darling blooms really cheered me up yesterday, and I sent some photos of  tiny bouquets to friends and family. Alas, soon after that I dropped the poor phone again (the screen was already badly cracked) and it turned out to be terminal. Annoyingly, the phone still rings but the screen remains resolutely blank and I can't answer it. Daughter and Son both came to the rescue and I will have a new mobile later today - a replacement was long overdue.
      I am also about to sort out my computer so that I can back up the writing I am doing now. Having started this 'Memoir' in Barcelona, I am determined to carry on with it. I stayed four weeks in Barcelona, and have now been back four weeks - and in that time I have written (and edited) just over fifteen thousand words. I make that seven thousand five hundred words a month, which is not bad. But I do need to keep motivated: it has taken me seventy-odd years to get on with it so I reckon there's not a lot of time left to finish it. I guess there is more to write about the older you get, but my question is, how interesting will it be? And of course there's the stuff you forget, and the unreliability of our memories. I have compared notes with my Sister, and it's amazing how differently we recall events - there we were growing up in the same family, in the same place and at the same time, and yet our experiences and perceptions are often completely different. There is only eighteen months between us, so you would think that our memories would be similar - no such luck!
       Anyway, the main purpose of getting the stuff on paper is to give my children and grandchildren a sense of their own personal histories. We have only the smallest scraps of information about our family, and the memories I have mostly come from repeated stories and a few old photographs - surprisingly there are no letters or written notes, and considering that my Grandparents all wrote letters and there were two or even three postal deliveries every day too it's odd that none of them survive. So in putting this together, my hope is that my family will read it and know where they have come from, even if they don't know where they are going!