Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Matters...

Oh god, this weather is really getting me down. Most days this month it has been gloomy and grey, no sun and certainly not warm enough to sit out on the balcony. On the good side, it has rained at last, (rather a lot) and I have been able to get into the garden and actually do something. The pond has filled up at last, and so the big tadpoles have something to swim in; they really are enormous and I wonder if they are actually toadpoles rather than the froggy variety.

Familywise, there is a big get-together this weekend, though I'm not included! The occasion is a visit from the ex-husband, accompanied by wife No.4, all the way from New Zealand. Daughter and Grandson met up with him Friday here in Brighton (not actually here in my house) and they all went to buy Grandson a belated Birthday present and then out to dinner. Then today, Daughter, Grandson and the new Boyfriend are all in Essex for a big reunion with ex-husband's brother, wife and family, which includes a son and daughter and their children (two each)! Phew. Quite a crowd, and I really hope that they have a great time. Son will be joining them too, either today or Sunday (I'm not sure which), and Daughter and Co will be staying in a hotel overnight tonight. Surprisingly, I feel rather "left out", which is strange given that I really wouldn't want to spend time with the ex. I think it's becaused it's a family reunion and I'd very much like to see all the others and catch up with all their news and stuff. That's me of course, quite contrary... Ah well

Instead, today I have had a visit from my ABF who drove over from Sissinghurst to collect her Birthday present (a lovely pink bush rose called Clare, which I found at Rushfield garden centre, just over the Dyke). She came bearing masses of gifts, as she always does: some gorgeous black cherries from the farm, and some brown eggs, plus rhubarb from her garden. We had a nice lunch here and then watched Royal Ascot on TV. My ABF, being very aristocratic, knows a lot about racehorses and trainers etc, as she used to own and run horses in a previous existence. She still follows the racing news, is very knowledgeable, and knows lots of the people involved so it was interesting watching with her, and I did enjoy the other bits such as the fashions and the hats. What a lot of money there is sloshing around at these events! Obviously not everyone is feeling the pinch!

Afterwards we went for a very windy walk down by the sea to get a bit of fresh air. My goodness did we get fresh air!! The sea was very rough, a cold greeny-grey, and we were practically blown away by the fiercest easterly wind. It was pretty cold and we had all the breath blown out of us, so we soon gave up and turned for home. And to think that next week is the Summer Solstice.. the 21st June and the longest day.. To be perfectly honest it feels more like winter here and I'm still taking a hot water bottle to bed every night!

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Tooth Fairy and the Birthday Boy.

Well, I'm not proving the most regular of bloggers I know, in fact I'm worse than ever, but the latest piece of news from my lovely downstairs neighbour is that baby Beanie has his first tooth! I can't believe how time flies - five minutes ago he was a little newborn and now he's bouncing, rolling over, eating chicken and sweet potato mush and generally growing into a proper little boy. Amazing. And he really is the sweetest chap, very smiley and lovable. I must also tell you that he very quickly lost his first name (which was Bruno if you remember) and became Gabriel (close to Christmas, little Angel!) Beanie (he was called Beanie before he was born, and it just sort of stuck). Anyway, those of us who are close to him call him Beanie, with Gabriel saved for more formal occasions. If he has any imperfections, there is just the little matter of sleeping through so that his poor Mum can get her beauty sleep. Never mind, nobody's perfect!

Speaking of growing up, my beloved Grandson was 7 years old on Monday (30th). He is really almost as tall as me, though that's not saying much I suppose. Daughter arranged a great Birthday Party for him, at a friend's house.She booked a big bouncy slide and invited lots of friends with their children.I made masses of assorted sandwiches and bought two Birthday cakes. Well,one was in the shape of a football, iced in black and white sections, and the other was actually a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Fabulous. I hadn't eaten them before (proving just how long you can live without trying something so scrumptious) but will definitely have them again. My favourite is the chocolate covered one with little chunks of fudge on top and a gorgeous custardy middle. Pure heaven. Anyway, the party was a great success; Son came from London, Daughter's new Boyfriend came with some friends of his, and various friends of friends also appeared with their assorted children. I'm not sure who enjoyed the bouncy slide most, but it certainly amused everyone: after the requisite amount of alcohol had been consumed the adults were running up the slidey side and jumping down it with what used to be called gay abandon (sadly, no-one uses the word gay in that context any more). Great fun. I came home at about 5.30, with Grandson, and we chilled out for the rest of the evening, leaving the others to finish the food and drink. Enough, as they say, is as good as a feast...

P.S. Before I go, I'd better assure you that the alcohol was consumed by the adults, not the children...

PPS. Grandson's favourite presents were: a Scooter (from Daughter's new Boyfriend) a Kite (from Son) and a Whoopee Cushion (from me:-)