Monday, December 31, 2012

Oops, just made it..

    Just scraping in before midnight and the start of another year! It's going to be 2013, can you believe it? To bring you up to date, I  long ago finished the writing course, which was very good and motivating, but I managed to get a bad case of Bronchitis just as the course was coming to an end in November, and that really laid me low for the next six weeks. It wouldn't have been  so bad if my local GP hadn't ignored the cough (what my Mother used to call a "graveyard cough") and dismissed me saying that it was merely a virus. Two weeks later she dismissed me again, though she gave me some anti-biotics with the hope that they "might take the edge off it". They didn't. I carried on in the hope that I would just get better, as I  have in the past, and in the end was grey, choking and feeling like death.... Actually it was very scary feeling so ill, and being unable to breathe.  I finally went to a well-recommended private doctor who was just marvellous. He actually listened to me and took roughly ten minutes to diagnose the problem, His words were  "You have acute Bronchitis and should have been in hospital." So, that's where I've been, not actually in hospital, but in bed for what seemed like ages, and then slowly getting back to normal. I'm pretty much there now, and have had a really nice Christmas and New Year.
     Let's hope I can get on with life and  be a bit more communicative in 2013. Happy New Year to you all.