Saturday, May 3, 2008

All over the Place..

Heaven knows what I've been doing this week, but it hasn't been Blogging. I suppose that real life has taken over again. I'm sorting myself out for my impending trip to France, and I don't seem able to concentrate on more than one major thing at once. I've been on the phone to my France BF a couple of times, confirming arrangements and that sort of thing. And I've booked my flights (from Gatwick to Toulouse on 7th May and back home on 28th May). I've also managed to organise hiring a car for 10 days while I'm there, and I've got my Euros, or some of them. Of course, thanks to the dodgy global economy, our currency isn't doing too well at the moment, so I didn't get a great deal on the Euros (£500 gets you approx 615 Euros, which is pretty poor compared with last year, when it would have bought you about 750 Euros). Sister had what sounded like a good idea on this. She suggested buying Dollars and then changing the Dollars into Euros. It wasn't quite as good as she'd thought though - when Daughter checked, it meant I might have made about 25 Euros, but I probably would have ended up paying most of that in commissions. Never mind, it's swings and roundabouts I guess.

Earlier this week, on Thursday I think (no, Wednesday), Son finally came to collect the old car. We have been trying to organise this for a couple of weeks, but as he has been busy moving and settling into his flat it has taken longer than I thought it would. The annoying thing has been having to park the thing while I waited. I have used some of my Visitors' Parking Permits, but I forgot to write in the Registration number one day and was given a ticket. My fault, but it was £35 and absolutely infuriating. Next, I decided to park the offending vehicle up the road a bit where there are no parking restrictions, only to go back three days later and find (after driving the car) that I had a flat tyre. One new tyre, £49. (It would have been much cheaper to keep using the Visitors' Permits!) Since I have also had the car serviced (£100), taxed (£99), MOT'd (£78), fitted a new rear wiper (another £90) and also had the car cleaned inside and out, I do feel that Son has got a bargain. Bless him, he did look happy when he came down, and was with a very nice girl friend. He took me out to dinner too, which was a lovely treat, and as he left he hugged me and said "Thanks for my second hand-me-down car Mum!" That makes it all worthwhile.

This week I also helped Sister to write a letter to one of her neighbours about the building work which has been driving her mad of late. They have had this complicated agreement about replacing the windows in the property, but the guy who was arranging it has been impossible to get hold of, and has been ducking and diving when it comes to communication. He is making a contribution to the replacement windows, but was refusing to show Sister the original quotation, or give her the number of the company making the windows. Anyway, between us we concocted a letter which was long overdue, and which demanded some proper communication before any cash would be forthcoming. It did the trick. No sooner had the letter landed on his welcome mat, than he was on the phone offering information, contact names and numbers, and everything else she has been trying for. Previously she has been either emailing him or sending text messages to his mobile, but I reckoned a bit of old-fashioned putting it in writing was what was needed. Emails and texts are too informal and too easy to ignore if you want to. She was thrilled with the result (and so was I) and I hope it will lead to getting the job done properly. Otherwise the next bit of old-fashioned letter writing will come from her Solicitors.

I'm off to bed now. We're planning to get up early and go to the Car Boot Sale at Brighton Station in the morning (Daughter and Grandson are here). They'll be up very early, so I'd better get some beauty sleep..


Donna said...

Your trip sounds wonderful and I know you'll have a wonderful time!!
There's Nothing like pen & paper!!! Have a Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

aims said...

There is always so much to do when getting ready for a trip. In no time you'll be gone and we'll be looking forward to you coming back!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi there Donna, thanks for visiting and for the good wishes. I'm really looking forward to La Belle France, food, wine, fun etc.
Hugs, M xx

Hi Aims, lovely of you to visit. Yes, I'm almost ready, except for packing, buying last minute toiletries etc. Oh and a bit of washing and ironing.. a few phone calls, watering the plants, etc...
M :-)

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Well, it's Monday morning now and the sun is shining beautifully. I hope you managed to find success at the car boot sale. They can be such good fun rumaging through people's old junk and finding something that you have been looking for, for years!

CJ xx

family affairs said...

I hope you find an internet cafe like I did in France, or are you planning to have a blog free couple of weeks? How will we all cope? Lx

Rob Clack said...

I agree about a formal letter having more impact. Glad to hear it did the trick!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Crystal, yes it was just lovely here on Monday, and has been even better today. The Car Boot Sale was great, but getting a parking ticket wasn't!! M :-(

Hi Lulu, yes, I hope I'll be able to find one - can't imagine not communicating for three weeks! I'm sure you'll cope without me - though I'm not sure I'll cope without all my Blogging friends. M xx

Hi Rob - funny isn't it that old fashioned formal stuff does work sometimes. Good result! M :-)