Saturday, June 6, 2009

Picture Perfect? Huh..

You know what, I give up. I've been trying to load pictures, but stopped when it became apparent how long it would take! Then I had a genius thought - why not put on a slideshow of my pictures. How? Please can someone help me - technodummy that I am, all Blogger would give me was a slideshow of someone else's photos. All I can say is, Oh Blogger!!


Anonymous said...

Eee, I did this once with some photographs of the Highlands and published it in my sidebar. Not sure how to do it in a blog though.

Not much help really am I!

Good Luck,
CJ xx

Maggie May said...

I'm the last person to ask! How you get a technical geek onto your blog with the answer.
Wonder what is going on with Blogger? Playing up badly for you.
I have experienced strange things with it in the past. It will come right.

Dusty Spider said...
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Dusty Spider said...

Hello Mother's Place, I've found I can only load one or two photo's at a time otherwise it takes too long. xxxx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Crystal, and thanks for the thought - though even putting it on my Sidebar would be great! Heaven knows what I do next - maybe publish one photo a day? M xx

Hi Maggie, well you're an optimist! I wish I could be. Some people can just do this stuff, it seems, but not me! M xx

Hi Flick - you and me both - surely it can't be that difficult. Son thinks it's my slow old computer that's at fault. Maybe so! M xx

Donna said...

OK!! I'm here to save the Day!!!Hahaaa...FIRST!
1. Go to (copy and paste this address) a fellow bloggers site, here:

This is Brenda's blog...Look on the right hand side of her blog and you'll see a widget called Picture Trail...See it? Click on "Create one"...There you are! It'll upload your photos and give you a slide show!
Watch Brendas first!
Happy Sunday sweetie!hughugs

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Oh Donna, you are a star!! I just have to cook for my Student, then I'll give it a go. Genius, that's you! Hugs M xxx

auntiegwen said...

Sorry M, we all know technology is no friend of your auntie xx

Working Mum said...

Looks like your've been sorted. I was going to recommend
Good Luck and looking forward to seeing the piccies. :)

Rob Clack said...

Don't know about slide shows, (but will follow the links in comments, thanks guys!), but I always reduce the size of my pics to 800 x 600 before uploading, simply because it takes too long otherwise.

I use a free picture editor called IrfanView, downloadable from here.

Once you've opened your picture in IrfanView, pull down the Image menu, select Resize/Resample and set the long side to 800 pixels. By default, it keeps the proportions the same, so the short side will be 600.

Make sure you save it in the right place. IrfanView doesn't remember where you got the photo from, so might save it somewhere bizarre.

And if you want to resize loads of snaps, it has a batch processing mode which works a treat.

aims said...

I'm no help either.

I always go away and do something while I'm uploading pics in blogger. It does take forever doesn't it?

Anonymous said...