Monday, September 28, 2009

Champagne Days.

The trouble with this laptop is that I find myself doing even less Blogging because I can sit here watching a film and time just flies. To get back to the old news, I had not one but two Students because a last-minute French girl turned up rather unexpectedly. She joined my Spanish student, and they were both very nice - though the French girl spoke almost no English. It didn't seem to matter because they got on famously and went out most evenings after supper for a friendly drink.

On the Wednesday I left them to their own devices because I went up to London to meet Son for his Birthday. He was 30 on 16th, hard to believe really. Anyway, I had spent several days putting together an album of photos, one for each year of his life. It was hard to choose which to include - but it was rather good in the end. I also gave him Squirrel's gold watch; a lovely old Garrard Fob Watch with a gold chain, which I'd had serviced and repaired. (It was given to dear old Squirrel in 1963, as a reward for 25 years service at Vauxhall Motors.) One of my Brighton BF's gave me a card and a chocolate cake to take for him too , so he was rather spoiled.

When I arrived in Town, I hopped on the bus and started off taking a look at the Trafalgar Square plinth, which seemed to me to be nothing much. There was a bloke up there throwing down sugar lollies and party blowers - and writing strange stuff on a pad, which he then screwed up and threw down into the crowd. Odd and rather pointless. After that I cruised round the National Portrait Gallery, looking at their latest exhibitions, and took some tea in their little cafe.
Son phoned while I was there and invited me to join all the jolly office people as they were having champagne in Soho. Hard to resist! It was so lovely to see him, and he did look wonderful. We drank a toast to him, or several, and then he and I went back to his flat to meet up with his Girlfriend. More champagne and he opened all his presents, which he really loved. And then I took them out for dinner at a Tapas Restaurant not far from where he lives in Vauxhall. It was the most delightful evening, and I ended up sleeping on their sofa because I just couldn't bear the thought of running to catch a train at that time of night. It was such fun. I finally got back to Brighton on Thursday afternoon, having had a lovely time. Son was also having a drinks party for all his friends on the Friday (which was his Girlfriend's Birthday too!), but I didn't plan to go to that. Daughter did go, and I think they all had a great time. It was a wonderful and very special occasion.

Since then, time has flown again. My Spanish student went back to Madrid last Saturday, and we have had some amazingly hot weather; I've been on the beach and swimming in the sea nearly every day. I'm off to London again tomorrow, to stay with a London BF for a couple of days, and will probably see Son for lunch on Thursday. Hopefully. Back on Friday, by which time it will be October. Autumn already.


Maggie May said...

Life seems to be very relaxed with your trips to London and the swimming and beach.
Glad you've been having such a good time. Lets hope the weather stays good for a while yet. can't be doing with winter yet.

softinthehead said...

Wow Margot, I was exhausted just reading that post LOL - how do you find the energy! Swimming in the sea - in September, it must be hot. Lovely to hear from you again.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I love the idea of the photo albums for son's 18th. Glad you all had such a great time.

Had a good catch up here today.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah life sounds so good for you now. Glad you had a great time and yes the weather down south has been fabulous recently. Not sure I have the guts to swim in the sea though!

Donna said...

Enjoy your life sweetie! I'm envious!!hughugs

aims said...

I bet you never thought your life would be so enjoyable. Good for you.

Have done some back reading - trying to catch up - and I see you got a piano in. How lovely.

Drats on the water leak but my you have lovely neighbours and friends and family.

Never got one chance to swim this summer. The water in our little aboveground pool never got warm enough. We have had no summer to speak of and now it's calling for snow this weekend. What is up with the weather gods these days?

Anonymous said...

You certainly live it up! A very happy birthday to your son. I remember turning 30 and thinking it would be absolutely ages until my 40th. Now it's almost here!!

CJ xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Maggie, well, it's certainly changed now - won't be going in the sea again this year! M xx

Hi SITH, lovely to hear from you again too. It's certainly Autumn here now! M xx

Hi Reasons 123, lovely to hear from you - actually it was Son's 30th - makes me feel much older! But we had a great time. M xx

Hi MOB, yes it has been lovely - but it sure has changed now. No more swimming this year! M xx

Hi Donna, yes it was fun - wish you were here!! Hugs, M xx

Hi aims, lovely to hear from you. What a shame you've had such a lousy summer - it makes the winter seem longer.. M xx

Hi Crystal, well that does make me feel pretty old - but thank you for the Birthday wishes for Son! Lovely to hear from you.. M xx