Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good Intentions all round.

I have a feeling that I've just passed my third Blogging anniversary - how time flies. Though I must admit that my blogging record has been abysmal so far this year. Generally, since I bought my Laptop, I don't use the computer nearly so much - which is a bit of a mystery really. I thought that I would use it more because of the ease and convenience of having the laptop, as it were, on my lap! This is not how it has turned out - I used to look forward to sitting down at my desk in front of the computer screen and writing, but I just don't have the same feeling any more. Don't know why. Anyway, I have fallen short in many other areas too - I'm not writing at all, except for the occasional piece of copywriting (which doesn't really count as creative writing) and my E-Bay activities have also ground to a complete halt. Of course I have had Daughter and Grandson here for just over 6 months, and didn't really have space and time to myself in the same way. So let's hope I get back to more productive times again soon. Whatever hapens, I have to stop making excuses!

The other thing I must do is spend some time catching up with all my Blogging friends. Just like "real" friends, they need and deserve my time and attention, and I've been a very dilaltory and absent "virtual" friend for the last six months I know. Aplologies to all, and I promise to pay visits, make comments and generally behave better.

My poor garden is "drizabone" and in desperate need of a good shower of rain; I got the new curly hose out to water it this evening (the outside pipe and tap has been fixed courtesy of my lovely downstairs neighbour's lovely friend) and had a naughty ten minutes spraying the plants and topping up the pond. Actually I'm not sure if we do have a hosepipe ban here at the moment - but if we do, enough people saw me this evening, so I may be reported.

Weather permitting, I'm off to the Shoreham Flyover Car Boot Sale in the morning, picking up my BBF on the way, and I think we're meeting up with Daughter and Grandson there for a bit of mutual bargain-hunting, followed by a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie sitting in the sun. "Perfick", as Pop Larkin would say.


Expat mum said...

M - so good to have you back in the blogosphere. You need to catch up on what I am doing - I have a dog, fer cryin' out loud.

auntiegwen said...

Margot, good to see you back xxx

Maggie May said...

Happy third blogging anniversary!
Glad you are back.
I got a rabbit! (A dwarf black!)
Maggie X

Nuts in May

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Expat Mum, it's good to be back, thank you. I'll be over to catch up soon. A DOG?? Oh well, that's it, you can never come back now :-( M xx

Hi Auntie Gwen, thank you too - will be over in a mo! Love M xx

Hi Maggie, thanks to you too. And another animal!! What's going on here:-) M xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

PLEASE go away oriental iriots.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Getting fed up now - will have to install word verification I think - if I can work it out!