Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Moving Story

Well, here I am in another place - I'm renting a flat in Hove - very near to where I was living until one week ago. By golly it was a bit of a sweat moving after nearly 13 years, and I was in a practically comatose state immediately afterwards.
   Packing up and leaving was the most difficult part - as I knew it would be. Even now it's all a blur.
And I'm pretty sure that half of the stuff I decided to keep will be redundant when it finally comes out of storage. This all part of the process though, because some of the decisions were too hard to make on the spot. I know it's daft, and it's mostly only pieces of furniture, but they were all chosen with care and love, and have shared our lives for many years - like old friends really.
   Anyway, it has all gone off in the van and into a shipping container for 3 months, while the work is going on at my 'new' house. The removers were great, worked very hard and were mostly cheerful. I just hope that everything emerges intact in the end.
   I have done very little except fall asleep during the last week - a result of the emotional upheaval and stress I'm sure. Little by little it is improving and I'm able to stay awake for longer, which sounds as though I'm in recovery doesn't it?
   I'm still the practical one though, and have a file with plans, design ideas, notes and quotes, all ready to go for the refurbishment. It's as if I'm two people at the moment - one efficient and on the ball, and the other adrift in limbo. I know who has to win, so I'll just keep on fighting the sleeping sickness...
   My chosen builders  have everything under control; we are meeting tomorrow to go over the plans and they are going to start clearing out the house completely. The old kitchen has already gone to a new home. courtesy of my trusty old handyman, Dave, and there is only some disgustingly dirty carpet, old curtains and poles, radiators and old pipework left to go. I went over to have a look today, and can't wait to see it gutted and ready to go.
   So there we are, or here I am - it feels strange but not necessarily bad,  Time to move on,

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aims said...

Wow!! How exciting is all this?!! Even with the exhaustion and the moving etc. etc. .... you still are going to have this wonderful project ahead of you! I think that's incredible! I'm very happy for you!! I can hardly wait to see pics of what you do next!