Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shiatsu Anyone?

The truth is, I haven't been too well. Not exactly sick, and haven't been struck down with a disease (thankfully, touch wood etc), but what my Mum would have called off-colour. It started with a pain like a sharp knife going through my left hand, painfully tense back and shoulders, very shaky hands (more than usual), and a realization that I had had a very loud ringing in my ears for months. Suddenly I couldn't ignore any of it any more - probably because I could hardly turn my head in any direction. And my usual morning walk by the sea was a thing of the past - I just couldn't raise the energy or the enthusiam, even for a look at the sea. Something was wrong alright. So I dialled the number of the lovely Debbie Collins, who does Shiatsu Massage (if you're reading this, Billy, I know what you're thinking) and was lucky enough to get a cancellation - last Tuesday. Now Debbie is a wise woman - she is very skilled and when she gets her hands on you, you know you've been handled. She is also very spiritual and tunes in to whatever you may be thinking or feeling. Altogether this makes a visit a great experience, but you have to be ready for it. As Debbie asked her questions, and I gave my answers, it began to make sense. Her diagnosis? I have been living on Adrenaline for probably two years, and have been "strung out" to the point where everything was very wobbly indeed. In her language, "I don't think I've ever seen anyone where every point on the meridians was so tender." Wow! No wonder it was painful. It was true that every place she touched was tender if not painful - and some really hurt! The answers to her questions were telling too; for example, during the massage she asked if any fear had been involved during the long drawn-out Son/Daughter flat-selling fiasco. I laughed. "Debbie, I was shit-scared every day." I said. "Aah" she said, nothing more. At the end, as I lay there feeling completely spaced out, she gave me her recommendations. From now on it has to be "Me, Me, Me" (for a while anyway). The pains in the hand and shoulders are a warning indicator, and so is the ringing in the ears. If and when they get worse, I have to just walk away from whatever I'm doing. And I have to sleep a lot. In the afternoons and at night. In Debbie's words "Just do what pleases you, and take it easy." Apparently the pains will go, and the ringing in the ears (which I thought I had forever). After the massage I felt wiped out, came home and slept like a baby, and have been following instructions ever since. Oh, and I have a good old-fashioned tonic to take, called Floradix. Just what my Mum would have ordered.

So since then I have been taking it easy, and sleeping a lot. Thinking it would be a good idea, I also went to see my ABF in Kent, the Garden of England! She is still mostly sitting up in bed and getting about on crutches, but now has a lovely South African girl as a carer. Luckily her appetite has not been affected, so we ate well. I pottered about in her glorious garden, dead-headed and pruned the roses, and I also slept - every afternoon and every night - and have come back home feeling much better. The hand and shoulders are less painful and the volume has been turned down on the ringing ears by about 50%. So far so good.

Today is Father's Day, and I know that Daughter, Grandson and the Boyfriend are going to spend the day with the Boyfriend's Father. He has recently had triple bypass surgery, which was a success, so I hope they have a lovely day. Daughter is also expecting to see her Father, my Ex, tomorrow. He and wife No. 4 are on a visit from New Zealand (flying Club Class of course - nothing less), and will be staying in a hotel near Daughter next week for five days. As long as he doesn't come anywhere near me, and doesn't upset Daughter, I'll be OK (I can feel those shoulders tensing at the thought of it). I have already warned her not to let him get to her - and I know that Son doesn't want to see him. I'll just be feeling anxious from a distance, but I know that the Boyfriend will protect her and Grandson. That's his job for the next five days. Happy Father's Day to all you lovely Fathers.

PS. If you're curious about Shiatsu Massage, just Google it. I tried to find a link to put in, but they are very confusing and I couldn't get it right. There is a good one at which describes the therapy perfectly.


Stinking Billy said...

It was a lovely surprise to come to "if you reading this, Billy." Of course I was, I wouldn't miss your posts for the world - well, unless you were being manipulated by th puppet-master, that is. Anyway, I am off now to google Shiaitsu (or whatever, I will have to check back on your post).

Donna said...

I've Always believed that what bothers us inside, manifest its self, outside...It's SO hard to do the "me" thing...but the next best thing is to stay away from other's, Drama.....Too negative. And whether it's massage or Have to align the Added bonus is aligning the chakras as well!! Happy rest sweetie!!hughugs

Elizabethd said...

Take time to rest and re find yourself. It's easy to live so bound up in other people's problems that you leave no time for yourself.

Expatmum said...

Hmmm I always have ringing in my ears, to the point where I don't even notice it until I read something like this. Wonder what that's all about. Unfortunately i can't stand massages.
Glad you're on the mend.

Working mum said...

Take it easy. It's funny how stuff can just build up and then you're ill 'for no apparent reason'. Hope you're better soon!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Billy, I know how you love the thought of massage! Anyway, it's lovely to have you visiting. M :-)

Dear Donna, you're always there before me! I'm working on it, and relaxing at the same time. Hugs, M xx

Hi elizabethd, you're so right, I'm not used to the "me me" culture. But I'm beginning to enjoy it. M :-)

Hi expatmum - well it's worth a look. Shiatsu isn't actually massage, it's acupressure and is very gentle. I can recommend it and I'm going back for more this week. M xx
PS Don't ignore the ringing - it's a sign of stress (apparently) or so I've been told this week! M :-)

Hi Working Mum, I know, it's foolish to ignore it. Still, I'm resting now, and enjoying it. Thank you. M x

Retiredandcrazy said...

I am so sorry that you haven't been up to par. Take everyones good advice and rest.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thanks for your good wishes RAC - I'm certainly resting. Can hardly lift a finger to type! M :-)

Maggie May said...

Sorry you have been under the weather. My Mum used that phrase too & she was always going to the doctor for tonics!
Glad you are so much better after the shiatsu.
I rely on my chiripractor!

family affairs said...

I'm sure I've been telling you for over a year that you're doing too much - I can't believe how much you are involved with your children's life - which is absolutely lovely for all of you BUT looking after grandchildren is v hard work...and worrying about your children is exhausting too....and looking after all your friends.....maybe it's time for a spa holiday and maybe I'll come with you - SLOW DOWN a little bit Lx

Casdok said...

Great that the massage is having an affect. Sounds just what i need!

Anonymous said...

Really interesting post. I have massages from time to time as I suffer with a muscle spasm on my lower back and it's really painful. However, I am described by my masseur as being "tied in knots" and I think that could be a similar thing to what you have been experiencing. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

CJ xx

the mother of this lot said...

Done that living on adrenaline thing myself. Mine was two years too - then I collapsed!! Sounds like you've caught it just in time. Look after yourself and keep up with the massage if you can - it sounds marvellous!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thanks Maggie for your visit, I'm feeling so much better, and relieved to have done something about it. M xx

Hi Lulu, you're so right, and you have been telling me for a year! I think a Spa Holiday sounds great, and you'd be welcome! I'll do some research, slowly... M :-)

Hi Casdok, lovely of you to visit. Yes, the shiatsu is very good - very gentle and effective. Maybe you should try it too? M xx

Hi Crystal, yes, it does sound very similar. And now I'm at this stage, I feel as if progress is being made. It's doing something for yourself which is such a treat too, isn't it? M xx

Hi Jackie - how amazing that you had the same thing, and so sorry it got so bad for you. I hope to go on (slowly) getting back to normal. Yes, the Shiatsu is great, but the tiredness is just weird. M xx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

oh i nearly wept at her advice; just do what you want, walk away from anything unpleasant and sleep - morning and afternoon.

I want a prescription for that too.

So good that it's having a positive effect.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Pig in the Kitchen - it does have that effect doesn't it? We're just not used to being told to do such lovely things for ourselves, I think. Here is your prescription:
Just do what you want etc etc. I can guarantee that it works. M xx