Friday, June 6, 2008

What and the City??

I'm one of the girls for sure after last night. Went with Daughter and two of her friends to see "Sex and the City" - and had a really great time. What a revelation - the cinema was full of lovely girls who had obviously prepared for the event and were totally inter-acting with the movie. They were mostly dressed up to the nines - high heels, high fashion and large boxes of popcorn, sweeties and coke (OK, some of them were a trifle on the porky side). But it was terrific fun. Everyone joined in with all the jokes, oohed and aahed at the dresses and shoes (which were completely fabulous), laughed (or gasped) at the sex - and there were some very very raunchy moments. All in all, it was an evening I won't forget for a long time - sex doesn't come my way very often, either on-screen or off, and this was great. It was open, funny, and an essential part of their lives. So was LOVE, all capitals, and the pursuit of love. It was wonderful that, for two hours at least, we were all part of that glitzy, girly world with its happy endings.

I'm off to take Daughter back home later, anad we're taking the windmill I bought for Grandson for his birthday. It's a replica of a real windmill, made of cement I think, and with real sails. It stands about 2 and a half feet high, and I have given it a coat of white masonry paint as a basecoat. The plan is that Grandson and I will paint in the details - it has windows and a door, a brick and stone base, and is mainly clapboard. I think we might paint some flowers growing up the side too. The only problem is carrying it to the car. The Boyfriend had trouble getting it up to my balcony, so it could be tricky. It weighs a ton. Maybe I could find a strong young man to carry it to the car.. if only I had the odd neighbour who was as well-endowed as Samantha's in California!!


Blossomcottage said...

There really is something special about being invited with a daughter and her friends to such an event. I was once bought my daughter a cushion that said " A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend" so true but equally true is you blog title!!! Each time I see it I think how true!
Enjoy the windmill painting, I am just about to set too and make a Wigwam for my Grandson for his birthday I made one years ago for my son and he had so much fun out of it.
Thanks for the visit to Blossomcottage and the kind words.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Oh I shall send my husband to move the windmill for you. It sounds like a lovely item for your grandson.

I never really enjoyed Sex and the City so can't say I'm bothered about the movie but my sister went last week and really enjoyed it. I might get the DVD when it's out or watch it on Sky.

Crystal xx

Donna said...

(i never watched the show...)LOL...I'm Sorry!! But I'm SO glad you had FUN!!!hughugs

Mean Mom said...

Glad you enjoyed Sex and the City! The windmill sounds great. I hope that your grandson has a great time with it.

It's my birthday tomorrow (7th June). I'm having a virtual birthday party. Please call by if you can!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Blossom, lovely of you to visit.
Actually we couldn't get the windmill to the car so the painting will have to wait. Thanks for your comments - I'm just waiting for the next "wrong" episode... and good luck with the wigwam. M xx

Hi Crystal - your husband would be much appreciated, but surely you need him? I didn't much like the series either, but the film was just better altogether. M xx

Hi Donna, lovely to hear from you - yes we had fun, and I did eat a bit of popcorn just to join in!! M xx

Hi Mean Mom, thanks for the party invite; I have just been over and now feel thoroughly sick after too much jelly and too much jiving!!
M xx