Monday, January 19, 2009

Country Pursuits...

I have been away again, this time to stay with my Aristocratic BF who, you may remember, broke her hip last March. She is now back on top form (I know this because she is continually complaining about her ill health - when she was really ill, she never murmured about it!). Anyway, I went last Thursday and stayed until Sunday, which was great. We caught up on all the latest news of families and friends, nearly completed a fiendishly difficult jigsaw puzzle (I left her with all the really impossible pieces), went for a couple of walks on sunny mornings, and spent the last day making marmalade. This entails endless squeezing of juice, chopping of peel, peeling of pith and boiling of pips etc. I had never made marmalade before, so it was both instructional and rather enjoyable. In all, it took about 4 hours of pretty constant effort, which was well rewarded by the row of lovely shiny jars lined up in her kitchen afterwards. I think I should try and join a local knitting, sewing or crochet group; this may seem like a non-sequiteur, but actually all those home crafts are connected, and they do bring a surprising amount of contentment and satisfaction. Plus, you have something to show for all your effort. I brought a jar of marmalade home with me, and can't wait to give it to friends and family with their breakfast toast. Come to think of it, I also have an unfinished patchwork and a half-done tapestry lurking somewhere in my cupboards. And if only I could remember how to crochet.
This may well be the start of something interesting..

Before going to my ABF, I had driven to East Grinstead last Wednesday for a Treatment which was part of my Christmas present from Son. The lady Therapist in question practises many alternative therapies, and I was keen to try something new. So I chose a combination of Health Kinesiology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and she also threw in some work on my Chakras and my Aura. It was a very intense two-hour session, and I came away feeling rather punch-drunk. I have spent the time since trying to remember exactly what happened, with very little success. I remember bits and pieces. She asked a lot of questions and I supplied a lot of answers. We went back through my history, and I remember I talked about the children quite a bit ("what a surprise", I hear you say!) She ended by saying that I had a wounded heart and a damaged Aura - both of which were fixable. And she gave me some homework to do. I have felt lighter, as she said I would, and inexplicably happier and more positive. I remember a little more each day, and intend to talk to her on the phone to clarify just what she actually did.
I certainly felt very emotional at the end, and she advised me not to drive for a while - good advice. I sat in a cosy cafe and drank a lovely cup of tea with a toasted sandwich. I don't actually remember much about driving home - even though I waited an hour before attempting it. It's certainly mysterious, but in a nice way. I intend to go back again , and will keep you posted.

Still no news on Daughter's results. She both looks and feels well, so let's hope it's good news.
Grandson is fine - full of beans as usual - and was very pleased to see me today after school.
We went home for tea and then he helped me to make a big pot of vegetable soup for his Mum when she came in from work. He stood on a kitchen chair and chopped garlic, onions, carrots and parsnips. Then we added some vegetable stock, a sprinkling of herbs and pepper and salt, and watched it bubbling away for a while. "I'm a good cooker" he said, and I had to agree. When Daughter came home, she couldn't wait to try it, and pronounced it delicious. My Little Chef...


softinthehead said...

That treatment sounds intriguing and very mysterious. Home made marmalade - yum.

Maggie May said...

All that home made stuff...... yummy!

A good idea to do home crafts as there IS a certain amount of relaxation & contentment in doing so.
I recently crocheted a small blanket to put round my legs on drafty nights while watching TV & always have some knitting on the go.

auntiegwen said...

There is a real sense of satisfaction when you make something yourself. I wonder if in these credit crunch times, these crrafts make a resurgance ?

I love cross stitch myself, I know I've got one lurking away in a cupboard too. Enjoy the marmalade x

Dusty Spider said...

I made jam with my best mate in Scotland this year. It was great fun and very fulfilling to do. It was delicious too!! Your "therapy" session sounds very interesting. Looking forward to your updates. Flick xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi there Sith, lovely to hear from you. That session is still mostly a mystery to me too! But the marmalade is just gorgeous. M xx

Hi Maggie, hope you are well. It's true that the homely feeling you get when making things is very rewarding - and I have found myself eyeing up interesting balls of wool in the shops. M :-)
PS. Your blanket sounds lovely and cosy.

Hi Auntiegwen - it's funny that we all rather like making things don't we? I too wonder if it's a response to all this doom and gloom. What could be better?
Wish you were closer to share the marmalade, it's very good. M xx

Hi again Flick - yes it's somehow comfy and warm to be making real things. Still feeling rather absent about the Therapy, but will hope that the mist clears soon! M xx

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I love cooking soup with loads of barley in it. Hope you get good results for your daughter soon.

I felt relaxed just reading about your treatment - you should have floated home!

Expat mum said...

I am so glad your Aura is fixable!

Donna said...

Well you certainly have been Busy!!lolol...Good for You! The marmalade sounds wonderful...Am praying for happy results for Daughter!
Ahhhh...Chakras!LOL....You Go Girl! I Really wish there were someplace around here to have that cleansing done!!! I'll bet it Was wonderful!!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

I feel put to shame!! I'm useless in the kitchen, just the basics apart from my shepherd's pie speciality! When my fil was alive, he used to make jam and marmalade and constantly pestering me to do it. No chance!!

CJ xx

aims said...

I for one heartily recommend knitting. There is nothing quite so soothing I find. Then some needlepoint - with a good light and perhaps good glasses.

Handcrafts are so much nicer than store bought.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi MOB, thanks for visiting. I had forgotten about barley in soup until you mentioned it. I must do it again.
I still haven't been back to the Therapist, but will do. M xx

Hi Expatmum, yes, me too. I'm not sure what's entailed, but hope it works. M :-)

HI Donna, yes it was wonderful - I just wish I had understood it better. I'll have to find out more.
The marmalade is going down fast. M xx

Hi Crystal - well don't feel bad - it was my first go and I didn't know how to do it. Mind you, I can understand your reluctance since it was your Father-in-Law who tried to get you interested...M xx

Hi aims - yes I think I'm going to get back to knitting. It's so rewarding actually making something
with your own hands. M xx