Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Having Kittens... Literally...

It's the last day of March, to state the obvious, and I can hardly believe the way the year is cantering on already. And it's lighter because of Summer Time - but still blooming freezing here.
What news from Hove? Well Daughter has finally reached her Weightwatchers Goal Weight - an amazing 10st. 12lbs, which is a huge achievement for her, since her decidedly porky days when she had Grandson as a wee baby and was dumped by the bastard bloke. It has taken her this four and a half years to fully regain her self-esteem and her previous gorgeousness - and I really will try and put on a photo of her as she is now, just to show you how wonderful she looks. Next news, hot off the press, is that their "kitten" Tinkerbell has just had five kittens - the naughty baggage was obviously out having sex at a very early age, and is now suffering the dreaded consequences. Daughter wanted to have her spayed, but the Boyfriend didn't - he thought she should at least have the chance to have kittens before she was "done". So he is in charge of looking after and finding homes for the little newcomers. He says he doesn't think they need looking after, but I guess he'll find out..

Son is back from Argentina, and phoned to have a chat on Sunday evening. He obviously had a really wonderful trip, and was exhausted when he got back. I am hoping for a few of his photos too, so that you can see some of what he got up to. He has also been asked to be Best Man for his old mate Ed, who now lives in Australia. Ed and his intended are getting married in Thailand in January, so that will be another great trip for Son. And he is hoping to celebrate his 30th somewhere in Africa with a crowd of friends - apparently there is a Music Festival there in October. There is also talk of New York some time next year. And I expect he will be off to the film Festival in Cannes again this year! Oh what a great life.

I've been pretty quiet about myself lately because of the continuing Therapy which I'm having every other week. It has been very interesting and sometimes very painful and traumatic (both physically and emotionally). I've been through what I can only describe as "re-birthing", I've re-lived the time around the Brain Tumour (see my previous posts) and the births of both my children. Plus the inevitable emotions around relationships with parents and partners. And I have come to realize that I have buried a lot of rubbish in the past, just so that I could cope with life generally on a day-to-day basis. I'm sure that this isn't unusual. Many of my friends have been through piles of shite in their lives, and so have many of my Blogging Friends, I know.
And Blogging is pretty good therapy in its own right, I think. I've been keeping this diary on and off for nearly two years now, and I know that it has been therapeutic for me. It has certainly been wonderful to have the comments and support of all you Bloggers out there. Without it, I don't think I would be putting myself through this latest emotional struggle. It's strange how a bunch of complete strangers can turn into real friends who bring a smile to my face every day, without exception. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

By the way.. anyone want a kitten?


aims said...

Would still have to pass on a kitten at this stage. I told The Man never again - I just can't go through the end stages. Right now tho we are babysitting my friend's very yowly cat! Wowza!

Your son is getting to some very wonderful places. Many that so many of us can only dream about. I hope he realizes how lucky he is and if he doesn't I'm sure his Mom is going to let him know.

I'm impressed with the therapy you're going through. My goodness that must be tough at times but good for you for sticking with it.

Maggie May said...

Strange how everyone is trying to give me a kitten.
I really would love another pet but there are downsides to that. There are 3 tabby kittens just born to a friend's cat. So tiny that they cannot be sexed yet!
Oh don't get me going.

Glad the blog is good therapy for you and that the real therapy is continuing, painful as it is.
You will come out of it stronger.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Hear hear for blogging thearpy, I wrote about that a couple of posts ago.

Good luck with the other type too, it sounds traumatic, be good to yourself. x

auntiegwen said...

May you keep on blogging xx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I will take two of the kitties - Can you pop them in a jiffy bag and post them for me?! Seriously, I would love them, but distances sadly prevail and I hope you find them homes successfully - Failing that the Cats Protection League is very good.

Your son and daughter are both amazing, for achieving what they have, and that is also thanks to you.

I am glad that you find blogging is helpful as therapy - Many of us do say that too.

Take care, many blessings...

Expat mum said...

I've often wondered what the point of therapy would be. Since most of us have baggage from our pasts, wouldn't it just dredge it all up? This is a genuine question M - I'll be interested in your thoughts either now or later.

family affairs said...

I know...haven't we done well getting almost to the two year mark!! I don't know how I'd have coped without my blogging outlet....I think it's kept me sane (debatable). Thanks for all your support over the two years and especially in the last week!!! Things are calming down, but I suspect not for long....Lx

The Dotterel said...

Fascinating to hear you talk of writing (diaries, blogs etc) as forms of therapy (not just because I've got a book called Writing Therapy either!). I'm convinced of the cathartic value of putting words on paper. When we were burgled a couple of years ago I encouraged my daughter - who was very shaken by the whole thing - do put her thoughts about the perpetrator downon paper. We then drew all over them, tore them, shredded them and it was only then that she began to feel in control of the situation.

Donna said...

Oh Goodness! That's Lots of kitties!!hahaaaa...Glad I don't live near you, or I'd Have to take one!!...or two...Hahaa..
And you make it SO easy to love you sweetie!! Such a kind and caring person yourself...Happy sleep to you!!hughugs

Ladybird World Mother said...

Agree wholeheartedly... blogging friends can really make a difference. We need real ones too, obviously, but how good it is to see those amazing comments and to know that people have bothered to read your post and care enough to slap a oomment at the bottom of it. Would LOVE a kitten but we already have 2!

Working mum said...

I hope the therapy is helping; it sounds quite traumatic. I'm sure the arrival of Spring will increase everyone's happiness; just the sun shining through my bedroom window in a morning is making me feel better.

Sorry, I can't take a kitten, I found out at hospital the other week that I'm massively allergic!

Anonymous said...

I would love a kitten but I shall decline on this occasion, I doubt Jess would be too happy!

You have got a lot of support and blogging is definitely theraputic.

Your son is certainly living a very fulfilling life.

CJ xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

First of all I would like to apologize to everyone for the delay in replying - I actually spent half an hour last week doing just that, only to discover that Hon Grandaughter had signed me out and so I lost it all.. grr... and didn't have time to start again, so here goes...

Dear aims, thanks for your comments - I know that you're not up for a kitten, and do understand. Besides, sending one to you could be a problem?
I agree that Son is lucky - so does he - and I'm so pleased that he's enjoying life now.
As for the Therapy, yes, it's tough, but I do believe it's working.. M xxx

Dear Maggie, please see above for reaons for lateness - sorry. Yes, it's the time of year for all baby animals I guess. The kittens are thriving, I gather, and adorable. Yes, the therapy seems to be working, and I know the Blog therapy works anyway... M xxx

Hi Reasons 123, thanks for visiting again, and for your comments. I did pop over and read your posts, and saw your thoughts on Blogging too. I supppose it's obvious that pouring out one's thoughts and feelings is always helpful, but the support is just invaluable. M xxx

HI Auntie gwen, lovely to hear from you again, and sorry for the delay.. I'll keep on Blogging as long as I can, even if it's not as regular as it used to be. I just love being a part of this community. Hope you're sorting out your own probs? Love M xxx

HI AWONI, thanks for visiting again, and for your lovely comments. I would send the kitties, but not sure a jiffy bag would do the trick! In fact they've already got homes to go to anyway, in about 6 weeks, so that's good news. And don't worry, I'm taking good care of myself inbetween therapy sessions. M xxx

Dear Expatmum, thanks so much for your comments, and I'll be happy to explain it in more detail - not sure this is the place.. Do I have an email address for you? Please let me know how to get in touch. Love M xx

HI Lulu, sorry for the delay, explained earlier. Yes, I feel amazed and delighted that we've lasted this long. I'll be over to catch up with your dramas soon. Love M xxx

HI the Dotterel, how lovely to hear from you again - yes I'm convinced of the value of writing things down, or talking about them. I remember a Therapist once said to me, years ago, that it's only the things we keep inside that can hurt us. Once we have expressed them they have no further power over us! How interesting too that this approach helped your Daughter over a difficult time. M xx

Dearest Donna, thank you again for your lovely words - as for the kitties, they're now all spoken for, so no worries (though it might have been a big adventure for them to be airmailed to you!!).
Love and hugs, M xxx

Dear Ladybird World Mother, how lovely to have you as a new friend, and thank you for taking the time to comment. It's so true that we have wonderful support and help from fellow Bloggers - people who take the time and trouble to just get involved with other lives.
They are the dearest little kittens, but all spoken for now. M xx

Dear Working Mum, lovely to hear from you again, and sorry I've been such a useless visitor of late. I will come over and see you, I promise. You are right that the Spring weather is making us all more cheerful, and I'm delighted to tell you that the kitties all have homes to go to.
Funnily enough, I'm allergic too - but we had two cats all the time my two children were growing up - complete madness - I lived with two inhalers!! What a dope. M xxx

Dear Crystal, lovely to hear from you as always, and no, Jess wouldn't be happy at all. Quite right too. I will try and put on a picture of them because they are just darling!

Yes, Son is both lucky and appreciative, which is a nice combination. And I'm much the same; I too feel both lucky and appreciative. Love M xxx