Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz..

It's definitely Spring here, sunny and cold, we're awash with daffodils and the pond is full of tiny tadpoles again. Daughter and Grandson were here for the day today as they are both on holiday this week, so we went for a stroll in the sun to browse the shops in George Street. It was so lovely that we were tempted to sit outside and have some lunch in one of the cafes.. brrr... Fine at the start, but by the time we had our food delivered to our table (wrong order twice!) we were all shivering, Grandson had retreated to his buggy and Daughter had given him her scarf and denim jacket to keep him warm. Typical Spring weather. We beat a hasty retreat , and sat at home with a cup of tea instead. Even on the balcony it was a touch too breezy.

I'm putting on a photo, hopefully, as Daughter was here to show me the error of my ways this afternoon. Here she is, looking incredibly beautiful I think - not that I can take any credit for that - she is just beautiful!

Grandson had his first sleepover with a friend last night. He went to stay with Thomas, his partner in crime at school, and apparently they stayed awake talking until Thomas's Mum, Wendy, finally put a stop to it at 11.15pm! No wonder then that he was tired and wanted to sit in his buggy today. Daughter said that when he came home this morning he looked somehow older - more mature probably! It's a big step, staying away from home, without family, for the first time. When I asked him about it, he just shrugged it off - and when his Mum asked him what they were talking about all night he said - guess what - NOTHING :-)


Maggie May said...

What a beautiful daughter. I am sure some of the credit goes to you!
*Nothing* seems to be what happens to children at school, at parties or on exciting outings! frustrating, isn't it?
There are mixed blessings when the grandchildren start to look older & you gradually have to step back! Sigh...

family affairs said...

She is really beautiful...I thought it was a picture of a film star!

I was in Brighton yesterday. Having breakfast outside in one of the Lanes....found a teeny patch of sun and just about managed to stay warm...we must have been moments apart!! Lx

Titian red said...

A beautiful girl, can see you in her too, looking at your profile photo. And with reference to the title of your post ...the birdies are all outside my bedroom window shouting at the Spring from about 5am - moments when the bucolic idyll pales slightly !

softinthehead said...

Yes a lovely girl, oh to have that skin again :) Know what you mean about spring weather, I got a sunburn on Sunday and yesterday my garden was covered in a couple of inches of SNOW! urrgh!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah sure she is a beauty. Know what you mean about the weather but being a fat menopausaloldbag this is my favourite kind of weather. Sunny, blue skies and cold! I love it!

Donna said...

She IS Beautiful!!! Must take after her Mother...!!!!!
Glad Grandson had FUN!!hughugs

aims said...

Your daughter is stunning! Is she a model?

Your grandson is growing up. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

You're right, your daughter is incredibly beautiful. She has perfect skin.

CJ xx

Working mum said...

Just look at the photo of your daughter and then the one of you in your sidebar. And you say you can't take the credit? It's in the genes!

Have a lovely Easter! WM x

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Dear Maggie, you are very lovely to say so - I think she's gorgeous, but then I would! The "nothing" joke is perennial - they never tell what they've been up to! And he is growing up too fast, he'll be five in 2 months - help! M xx

Dear Lulu, yes I thought that, she does look like a film start - and she looks just as good in real life! Oh to be thirty years younger..
So sorry to have missed you in Brighton - it is lovely sitting out in the Lanes - were you in the North or the South? Either way, not far from me - next time let me know and we'll meet for a coffee?
Love M xx

Dear Titian Red, yes, we do have the same eyes, but as for the rest, time has done its worst I'm afraid, though I still think of myself as 27 sometimes...
Those birdies (you know the rhyme)
are bothering you are they? Naughty. We are woken by seagulle here, more strident and much less musical. M xx

Dear SITH.. I can't believe you had snow, though of course we may well get it over Easter, it has been known.
Yes, she has the loveliest skin - dewy, fresh, and all those adjectives.. Ah well. M :-)

Dear MOB - they do say youth is wasted on the young, and sometimes I know just what they mean..at least the cold means there's no temptation to strip off! There's no escape, so I'm just off to buy myself some Easter chocolate. Love M xx

Dear Donna,thank you for that uplifting thought! Yes, Grandson is enjoying his hols - me too. Have fun this Easter. Hugs. M xx

Dear aims - yes, but she's not a model, or a film star, not yet anyway! Grandson hits the big 5 soon, so I expect he'll be dating girls next! M xx

Dear CJ, yes I know, her skin is just perfect. I often just gaze at it in admiration! M xx

Dear Working Mum, well they do say you can never see these things yourself. And thank you for your lovely comments - genes are the most amazing things.
Easter wishes to you all too, have a lovely time. M xx