Thursday, May 28, 2009

Them and Us...

I haven't commented on the MPs' expenses scandal so far, but I must say that hearing the other day that the poor things are feeling awful, that there's a terrible atmosphere in the House of Commons and some of them are depressed made me want to throw up. What are they thinking? Had they never been found out, they would have been merrily carrying on with their hands in the till, making idiots of us all. Oh dear! As so many people have commented, if any of us (the common people) been discovered doing the same thing, we would have been hauled up in front of a judge and (rightly) convicted of Fraud. I've heard all the arguments about them not being paid enough to make ends meet - well how would they like to live on what most of us have to live on? (And pay our taxes, pay our own heating bills, buy our own train tickets - not First Class because that would be a joke - pay for all our own house repairs and buy our own food.)
Yes, they've been elected to represent us, but that really doesn't give them a licence to cheat us.
It saddens me to think that Politics seems to corrupt just about everyone. Where are the people with integrity who actually care about what happens to our society?

The Swiss Parents have come and gone, and were truly a delight to have in my house. They came bearing yet more Swiss chocolate, which went down very well, and were most appreciative of everything. They were here for three nights, and went up to London on one of their days. They didn't speak any English really, except the odd word, so I had to reluctantly reveal the fact that I spoke French. It was worth it though for the look on my Student's face when she heard me chatting away to her Mum and Dad!

Grandson has been here since Tuesday, as it's his Half Term. So I've been having lots of hugs and kisses. His latest fun thing is to launch himself at me and hang on tight while he kisses me very hard. It's so funny, we both end up on the floor with the giggles. Today we re-potted his sunflower seedlings on the balcony, and then we went down to the Paddling Pool for the first time this year. True to form, he raced around in his swimming trunks for about four hours. I don't know where he gets the energy from (unless it's the four helpings of spaghetti bolognese he ate). It's nearly as strenuous following him around, but there's no alternative - the place is packed and it would be so easy to lose track of him! Anyway, we survived, and he is having a pre-Birthday treat tomorrow. I'm taking him to the Sea-Life Centre and then on the Pier for a bit of fun. After that, we're coming back here for a Birthday tea, with sausage rolls, jelly and a chocolate Dalek cake (chosen by him). A few of my friends will be coming too, and his Mum will turn up after work. He is going to be five on Saturday, and is having his proper Birthday Party at home then, with lots of his little friends from school. I can't believe how fast those five years have gone. So much has happened, and all our lives have changed hugely during that time. What a good thing it is that we can't see into the future...


Maggie May said...

Too bad that all those MPs are feeling so upset! My heart bleeds for them! Just excuse me while I go to be sick!
Yes, that is better.

Your little grandson is going to have a lovely birthday by the sound of it. Great sort of day out that I would love!
Enjoy his kisses and (the dalek cake as well!) they grow up so quickly.
My youngest granddaughter is coming up to five. I can't believe it.

Donna said...

We've heard all about it over here...They're ALL crooked...on Both sides of the pond!!
Bonny Prince Harry is in New York today...I think he's more handsome than William...Happy weekend to you!! French? Good for You!!hughugs

Donna said...

PS-And we heard about how Brown, SOMEHOW, forgot to invite the Queen to an affair...can't remember what, right now...Not a good thing! Old Fart!Hahaa...

auntiegwen said...

I wanted to blog about it (MP's) but I'm afraid you would require to actually hear my incredulised Glaswegian tones for fullest effect !

Glad to see you're still loving the grandma bit, the way you write about him always makes me smile xx

Expat mum said...

I get those running jumps with kisses. Sometimes I'm not surprised that I have to see a chiropractor!
Happy birthday to all! We have one on Tuesday. TIme flies.

family affairs said...

Thanks for your comments over at mine...ask your daughter what a "Brazilian" is - she'll know Lx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with what you say about MP's. They don't deserve to represent us and they know it. Only problem is they've been getting away with it for so long that we will never really know the full extent of the damage they have done.

Lovely that you had your grandson with you. Sounds like you had a great time. Half terms are good for grandparents aren't they!

CJ xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Maggie, yes, it goes so fast doesn't it? We had a great time, though he was too small for most of the rides (thank heavens!) M xx

Hi Donna, thanks for both those comments - and you're right, I'm sure they're all corrupt. Prince Harry seems to have been a hit doesn't he? And as for Gordon Brown - well he can't do anything right... M xxx :-)

Dear Auntiegwen, I can just imagine those Glaswegian tones of yours, and how richly they all deserve our disgust.
It's true that the Grandma part is lovely. He does make me laugh too. M xx

Hi Expatmum, isn't it just great? Though I can see what you mean about the chiropractor - I just try to fall from close to the floor! The Birthday celebrations were such fun. I do hope yours will be on Tuesday - happy partying. M xx

Hi Lulu - all I can say is OUCH! M xx

Dear Crystal - yes I do have a lovely time with him. I'm not sure who looks forward to the holidays most!
And as for those politicians - it just seems to be getting worse and worse, doesn't it? M xx

Rob Clack said...

The impression I get (and I've not been following the shambles too closely) is that actually a rather small percentage of the 640 MPs really did have their snouts in the trough, and that most behaved decently. I still think it's a complete scandal and the whole system needs independent reform, but it sounds like Westminster is not quite the den of iniquity it's being portrayed as.

Glad the Swiss family were nice.