Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lazy Bones, lyin' in the Sun.

That's me, under the parasol, on the beach, not taking my Blogging responsibilities seriously at all. Trouble is, in this country we just don't get enough sunshine to ignore it when it comes along. My Aristocratic BF had invited herself for a long weekend last week (a "Friday to Monday" as it's called, or in this case a "Saturday to Tuesday") because the weather was so wonderful, and she wanted to get on the beach. This suited me perfectly too, so I happily agreed and cleaned the house from top to bottom on Friday in preparation for her arrival. (Somehow I can't help doing this - any visit is the motivation for me to Spring-Clean.) Afterwards, it feels so good - I always look around, admire the spotlessness and shining surfaces, and think "Great, no more cleaning for a week or two." My reward for all this activity was going to see Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames " 50 Years of Fame", at The Dome in Brighton on Friday night. By complete coincidence, as it turned out, it was Georgie Fame's Birthday - his 66th, believe it or not. We all had a wonderful evening, and so did he! He still sounds the same, and he has his two sons, Tristan (how can Georgie Fame have a son called Tristan?) and James in his band. Tristan plays the guitar and James is the drummer, and they were both very good indeed, having obviously inherited the family talent. Georgie sang and played all the old favourites, and some very good new music too. He still wears the white suit, and talked to the audience as if he had known them for years (well, I suppose he has, actually). He made us laugh when he told us that he had been offered a State Pension of £82 a week last year - obviously on his 65th Birthday - and he thought "Well, if that's all there is, I might as well go on playing for a bit while I can." And he certainly can. He had a surprise guest in the form of Zoot Money (My God, we said, is he still alive?), and even allowed him to play his famous Hammond Organ. The House was delighted, and roared its applause. And there was another guest, whom I didn't know, Ian Shaw, who is also a hugely talented and witty pianist and singer. It was a great evening, and ended with us all singing Happy Birthday to Georgie as his grandchildren came onstage bearing a Birthday cake with candles. Lovely. It felt like a family occasion. And then Georgie, Zoot and Ian Shaw all hopped gleefully offstage, like a little group of garden gnomes, arms around each other and obviously as happy as could be. It was just about the perfect evening.

Next day ABF arrived, bearing half her garden in the form of fresh produce, plus some gorgeous cherries and strawberries and a marvellous bunch of roses and sweet peas. I had already stocked up with Pimm's, so after a stroll by the sea, we settled down to watch a bit of the tennis at Wimbledon while sipping Pimm's. My Student was in London with friends, so I didn't have to feed him, and we enjoyed organic salmon with ABF's new potatoes and some lovely fresh veg. Next day we shopped at Primark and the Pound Shop (well ABF did) and then turned up at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in The Lanes, hoping for some lunch. Luckily it wasn't too crowded and we sat up on the Roof Terrace and had some of his "pukka" Italian food; we ate homemade breads - a great selection - dipped in olive oil, and then a board of continental meats with olives and chillies, and a salad. Everything tasted divine, and then we shared an ice-cream dessert: hazelnut and vanilla ice-cream, with smashed honeycomb and chocolate sauce on top. Yum. On Monday it was just glorious again, so we decamped to the beach, with swimsuits, towels and my parasol, plus a picnic and plenty of sun cream and water. It was very warm indeed, and I swam in the sea a couple of times - absolutely necessary for cooling down. We had ice-creams from Marocco's, and then came back for a simple supper, the Tennis highlights, and bed! What an idle life. And did I give a thought to my faithfull Blogging friends - well, er, not really. And though I've caught up a bit, I still haven't told you everything that's been happening in my busy life (needless to say, I haven't done the photos either). I'll have to come back tomorrow (I promise) for the next instalment...


Maggie May said...

Your post is exuding a laid back feeling of lazing in the sun, with a drink without a care in the world!
Good for you!
You are brilliant cleaning your house from top to bottom.
Mine is a challenge right now, after a kitchen roof alteration. I could certainly use an enthusiastic cleaner at the moment! How much do you charge!
I do dream of being tidy..... might not be in this life time!
Enjoy your summer.

aims said...

It all sounds wonderful! I envy you the hot weather....we set a record low here on the 2nd of July - with ice on the deck and frost on everything.

You have such wonderful times with your friends. Not jealous - just happy for you.

auntiegwen said...

That sounds like a fab weekend. Sadly Brighton remains on my places yet to visit list. It sounds great x

Expat mum said...

Georgie Fame, well I never. Don't suppose he brought the dancing bear along?

Dusty Spider said...

You did absolutely the right thing enjoying the beach and your friend's company. Sounds perfect to me! xxx

family affairs said...

...and now it's Tuesday evening and you STILL haven't come back to your blogging buddies Lx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Dear Maggie, thanks for visiting,and for your lovely comments. Actually I'd be happy to come and clean - poor you having to deal with roof repairs etc. Somehow it's easier cleaning for other people! M xx

Dear Aims, can't believe that you've had such cold weather - mind you, we don't exactly get much hot weather either, hence the beach trips! Yes, I've had some lovely sociable times lately. Lucky me! M xx

Dear auntiegwen - you know you'd be so welcome to visit, if you could find the time. I do a mean bed and breakfast, and Brighton is a great place to visit. M xx

Dear expatmum, it was so great to see Georgie.. it brought back loads of memories. I think he did Dancing Bear with Alan Price? Aahh.
M xx

Dear Flick, so lovely to hear from you. It has been a very happy and sociable time. M xx

Dear Lulu - made me laugh. Oh no, I know, I'm impossible! M xx

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Ah the Lanes, the Dome, do you delight in making me homesick ;-)

Good you had fun with your friend, the food sounds wonderful, what life is all about me thinks!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Reasons 123, sorry, I don't do it on purpose! But Brighton does have that effect on people - I guess you still miss it? M xx