Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swine 'Flu, My Family and other animals..

Oh Bugger, Grandson has Swine'Flu - it struck him yesterday evening, and Daughter phoned me to say he had a high temperature and was feeling pretty awful. It was the last day of his first year at School yesterday, and of course she now wishes she hadn't sent him back this week after last week's scare - me too! Ah well, we just have to deal with it now. His temperature went up and down last night, and then was decidedly up at 39-point-something this morning. He was also sick, and said he had a sore throat, and Daughter said his glands were obviously swollen and he couldn't swallow. She now has some Tamiflu for him, which she got from her GP, and of course Grandson can't really go anywhere for five days - so neither can she! They were due to come here today for a couple of days holiday, and then go on to a wedding at the weekend - one of her oldest School friends is getting married on Saturday. This is really sad, because her friend has been planning her wedding for two years, and is devastated that one of her oldest friends can't be there. So of course they can't come here either until next week (Daughter said they have to stay away from both children and old people.."And I'm afraid 'old people' means you Mum" - thanks a bunch). Thankfully, my darling Grandson seems to be feeling better this evening, and has gone to bed quite cheerfully. He has had his second dose of Tamiflu and some Calpol to help keep his temperature down - plus he has a fan in his room to keep him cool.

Today's bad news rather overshadowed Daughter's really Good News, which is that her latest Cervical Smear test result came back Negative.. Three Cheers. She opened the letter this morning, in the middle of all the panic about Grandson, and was pretty tearful with relief. Me too. It's her first normal Smear result in two years, and though she will have to have another test in six months, it really is something to celebrate. However, as they're all confined to the house, going out wasn't on the cards. Instead, Daughter went to get a take-away curry and a bottle of wine while the Boyfriend read Grandson a bedtime story. Small pleasures maybe, but it's pretty important to celebrate the good news.

Today is also my 2nd Blogging Anniversary - a small event that's been completely overshadowed by all the Big Stuff above - but that's just how it should be, I think. After all, a Blog is quite simply an on-line Diary; a way of sharing our day to day lives, thoughts, dramas and delights, with our on-line friends. I'm pleased to be still Blogging - even if I'm not writing this Diary as often as I did at the start. I really love all my Blogging Buddies, and I love sharing all your lives and thoughts too. Long may we Blog - and here's to many more anniversaries.

PS. I have promised to put my Macaroni Cheese recipe on my Blog, and will do so soon - I just have to work out the exact proportions etc. Back soon...


softinthehead said...

Goodness Margot, glad to hear grandson is doing better, I wish him a speedy recovery. Sad about the wedding.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Crikey scary stuff the old pork flu! Hopefully he will be better soon. All the best and congrats on two years blogging. You are so interesting to read. X

Maggie May said...

Bad luck getting the piggy flu and just as the school breaks up too. Annoying about the wedding, in fact heart rending.
*Old folk* don't seem to be getting it!
Hope that grandson gets over it really fast and you can all get on with your holiday.
Congratulations on your 2nd bloggiversary!

auntiegwen said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary !

Much love to your grandson and I hope he recovers soon xxx

TheBlonde said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! And so pleased the hear the good news about H - must be such a relief for your family.
BTW what rubbish - you are Sooooo NOT old!
R xxx
P.S. you should patent that macaroni cheese recipe - it was yummy!

Donna said...

Happy 2 yrs sweetie!
SO glad about daughters results!! What a happy bit of news for you all!
Terrible about Grandson!!! Poor baby!!
Keep your chin up!!hughugs

aims said...

I threw my hand over my mouth and reread twice to see who has the swine flu. What rotten luck! I do hope he gets over it soon!

Hooray on the smear! Boo on missing the wedding. Hope they video it for her!

If you're old - what am I?

family affairs said...

Poor grandson - hope he recovered as swiftly as my daughter - what a shame about the wedding - maybe she should have worn a mask and gone anyway! Happy happy blogoversary - can you believe it's been two years? Great news for your daughter too - I hope you toasted her down the phoneline Lx

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Oh dear, piggy flu here too. Hope grandson recovers swiftly. Fantastic news re. your daughter, so very happy for you all.

Debra in France said...

Great news about your daughter, I am so happy for you all, but sad about grandson and the wedding. Happy 2nd Blogiversary. Debra xx

Anonymous said...

Big celebrations for your 2nd blogging anniversary!

Great news about your daughter and hope your grandson will be okay soon.

CJ xx

Working Mum said...

I'm so sorry he's got the 'flu; I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Poor little lad. And so sorry your daughter's missing the wedding, too. But good news about her health.

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary - may you have many more!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Sorry for the delay in replying everyone, I hope you'll forgive me!

Hi SITH, In fact Grandson recovered so fast we weren't sure he even had the piggy 'flu - and so Cinderella went to the wedding!
Funny how things turn out. M :-)

Hi MOB and thanks so much for your lovely comments - see above for the piggy 'flu or not! My Blogging Anniversary now seems a long way off. M xx

Hi Maggie, well, I feel a bit of a fraud since he recovered so fast, and he couldn't keep the Tamiflu down, so I don't think it actually did anything. Ah well, all's well that ends well. M :-)

Hi auntigwen - see above, I do feel a fraud - or Grandson was. He's so healthy generally that I think he just shook it off. Thanks so much for the congrats - how time flies! M xx

Hi TheBlonde- more apologies for my lateness with no excuse really!
Thanks so much for your lovely comments - and glad you enjoyed the mac cheese. M xx

Dear Donna, well, see above. It all happened in a flash. Good news and bad. But it all turned out fine in the end. Thanks for the congrats - and yours was on 21st I know. How have we managed 2 years? Hugs, M xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi aims - well even more apologies for being late - I was called away mid reply! Thanks for your comments, as always - and you did make me laugh with the last bit!
M xx
PS. As you will have seen, everyone's fine now.

HI Lulu, sorry again for replying so late. Do hope you are all well, and it was ironic that Grandson didn't seem to have it after all!
Will be over to catch up with you soon, and thanks for the congrats -we are hanging in there, 2 years and counting. M xx

HI Reasons 123, thanks again - it wasn't so bad after all! All fit as fiddles now. M xx

Hi Debra in France, it was so lovely to hear from you again, and thanks for your lovely comments. M xx

Hi Crystal, well as you can see from the above, it turned out fine in the end. Thanks for the congrats. M xx

Hi Working Mum - well, see above, I feel such a fraud after all the good wishes from everyone! So sorry for the delay in replying to you, and thanks for dropping by and for the congrats - I feel I do need to do better though! M xx

gaelikaa said...

Hope he's fine by now!