Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diary Update..

These are very interesting times. Since Christmas we haven't really moved far, but so much has been going on under the surface that it doesn't seem to matter. My house has gone from lovely, pristine, cosy and welcoming for Christmas, to overstuffed, very untidy and full of plastic bags with their contents spilling out all over the place. It hasn't helped that my lovely occasional cleaner, Monika, has been more absent than present, as she made a trip home to Poland for the Holidays and hasn't been seen (by me at least) since then. She has phoned a couple of times, so I believe that she is back in the country, but only to say that she can't come because of one drama or another. Her next ETA is Friday afternoon, so I have everything crossed because I'm slowly but surely losing the battle with dust bunnies and washing, bedlinen and clothes etc.

Daughter and Grandson are pretty settled in, and we are rubbing along nicely at the moment. There is a lot to sort out, as you can imagine, and we have been somewhat hampered by the snowy weather, as everyone has. In a way it's a blessing in disguise as schools have been closed and people haven't been able to get to work either, so this enforced containment has helped all of us to come to terms with the new state of affairs. We are investigating local schools, all of which are full, and will be
putting Grandson on a couple of waiting lists once we have looked at them. As he is only 5 and a half, I'm not terribly worried about a bit of waiting, but he is definitely missing the structure of going to school and Daughter is anxious about him missing out. It seems to me that it's probably more important to wait and for him to only have one lot of adjustment; moving schools once is bad enough. Finding somewhere to live is another priority, but it's all going to take time. There are plenty of flats for rent in Brighton and Hove, but apparently it doesn't help that she has a child (?). And our estate agents are a slimy lot on the whole. One in particular keeps phoning her and saying "Oh, of course, you've got the five-year-old." As if she might just have mislaid him since the last phone call. Bastards.

And then there's her job situation - she will have to leave and find a job closer to home, now that Brighton is home again. She is dealing with it all in a calm way, mostly, and is sure that she is on the right path. Watching her, I can only say that I'm proud of the way she is coping. And Grandson is mostly so happy to have his Mum back again that it is going to be well worth all the upheaval.

What about me? Well, see above. I haven't had much chance to do anything other than help with the re-settlement process. And I expect it will go on for a fair few months before we can say that everything is sorted. Poor Daughter has also got to go through the real separation with the (now ex) Boyfriend; sorting their stuff, packing up and moving, hiring a van, putting things in store and then moving herself and Grandson into what will hopefully be their happy new home. I'll drink to that - in fact mine's a very large one!


Working Mum said...

Hope it all gets sorted soon. I think you are right about your grandson and school - just keep reading with him and he will be fine. Can't believe those estate agents though - you'd think a nice quiet mother and son would be a perfect let!

auntiegwen said...

Like WM said, I hope all goes well for you all.

My children's old school has an amzing website full of fun learning activities ( beat NASA for educational website of the year) if you email me I'll send you the link, it may be useful xx

Donna said...

Well good! Glad they're getting settled in...Just enjoy this time together, you All deserve it.
Schools are full? Wow! Here, you take the child to the school you want to enroll him into...they sign him up and WaLaa, he goes to school! Even in our private schools, the never tell you they're full and you have to wait...courious!
Take care and Have Crazy Fun!! They'll be gone again before you know it!

aims said...

At least she has you. Even though you think you are always in the wrong - she did come to you when she needed you - proving that Mom's know best.

I'm glad you are together. It is obvious you adore your Grandson passionately and that your beautiful daughter is someone you are really really proud of.

Things will sort out. They usually do.

Hope it doesn't put too much of a crimp into your evenings with friends etc.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Working Mum, thanks for your thoughts - yes, I'll just keep on with a bit of reading etc. Totally agree about the estate agents - what is wrong with them! M xx

Hi Auntie Gwen, thank you so much. I will send you an email - that's a brilliant idea. M xx

Hi Donna, wise words as always. Actually I am enjoying having them here, and we'll just have to wait for everything to fall into place!
It used to be the same here with schools, but they are all overcrowded now, it seems. M xx

Dear aims, thank you for your kind thoughts, so welcome as always. As you say, it will all work out in the end. And as for my evenings out, they're quite definitely crimped - I can't remember the last time I was out with friends! Ho hum.. M xxx

Maggie May said...

Glad things are ticking over. Everything takes a while to adjust to. As long as your grandson is happy,

Nuts in May

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I'm very late in reading this! But I'm hoping you are all getting on with life and grandson has enjoyed the snowy weather.

CJ xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Maggie, how lovely to hear from you. Yes, it'll take time, and one day just merges into another at the moment! Still Grandson is fine and that's what matters. M xx

Hi Crystal - I don't know how you find the time to get to everyone as you do anyway - but I'm delighted that you do! Yes, he's fine and was sledging and throwing snowballs etc. Great fun. M xx

Rob Clack said...

Hope your cleaner's back! God, nothing worse than not having a cleaner! Apart from doing the basics, which is essentially why we hired a cleaner in the first place, ours does the ironing. Need I say more? I know there are people who like ironing, but I'm not one of them.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Rob, yes thank you, she did turn up on Friday and the house looks and feels better for it. And actually I'm one of those people who likes ironing!! Would you believe it :-) M xx

Reasons said...

Sounds like progress is being made. I hope you managed to find a nice school for your grandson and that everything settles down soon.