Friday, October 29, 2010


Grandson is getting very excited about Halloween. For him it's all about spiders, vampires, scary false teeth and trick or treating. He is going out with some school friends (and their Mums of course) to terrorise the neighbourhood, wearing his black t shirt with glow-in-the-dark skeleton (bought by me from M & S) and will be hoping to collect enough sweets and chocolates to make all his lovely new teeth fall out! Never mind..

For a change, I'm going out on Sunday night too - one of my BBFs is having a Halloween Party to celebrate her Birthday, and we have been given the chance to wear Fancy Dress if we want. I'm going to wear a gorgeous long black cloak I made years ago for Son to wear at Halloween. It was when we lived in Cambridge (so more than eight years ago) and he was going to be DJing at a local club. I sat and hand sewed this cloak from some black material I had, and lined it with some fabulous orange silky fabric. I gave it a gathered stand-up collar and a black grosgrain ribbon tie, and I was so proud of it. But guess what, Son didn't want to wear it. Anyway, it was so lovely I kept it. And after all these years it gets its first outing on Sunday. I bought a cute little cat mask (black velvet with sequins) to wear with it and I'll add a long black dress, high black heels and maybe my witch's broomstick? Sounds good to me.

My lovely downstairs neighbour is about to give birth - any minute really because her baby was actually due on Tuesday. She has decided to have him at home, and has created a wonderful "birthing" room with a birthing pool, fairy lights, and a comfy sofa with inviting cushions. I'm not part of her actual Birthing Team, which includes a Doula, her Midwife and two close friends. I have said that I will be on hand, though, if any extra help is needed. She has created a Birthing Plan as well, and is wonderfully organised. I remember when my first baby was born, and it could hardly have been more different; Son was due on 16th October, and decided to arrive exactly a month early, on Sunday 16th September 1979. So much for being organized. Thirty one years later I still remember every minute of that day and every year I phone him, sing Happy Birthday, and remind him that he woke me at 6am on that fateful morning. Ah well, let's hope my lovely downstairs neighbour will have a really good birthing experience and create some great memories too. Perhaps he will be a Halloween Baby...


Expat mum said...

Ooh, the cape sounds wonderful. I love making things like that and it's devastating when the kids don't get totally into it. (Ok, ok, I know I need to get out more!)

aims said...

Well! That cloak sounds fabulous! Why you haven't worn it before is the question!

I have one that reaches the ground and I have to wear very high heels to keep it from dragging. I love it - it's just black felt - no lining and no collar but a beautiful button for the closure. I've worn it quite a bit - I love capes!

My cousin is a Doula. I was amazed at what she did when my nephew's wife gave birth. My mother and I were invited for the birth and then I was named god-mother. It was quite an experience. I've never had children and the set-up was so lovely and comforting. I didn't get to see the actual birth but the pre-birth certainly has stayed in my mind.

I hope there is not too much screaming in the middle of the night. Isn't that when all babies are born? (and conceived) But then - what do I know?

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

HI Expat Mum, how lovely to hear from you again. Yes, I know, I was so disappointed when he didn;t want to wear it, but there you go! I really enjoyed wearing it though, and will probably do so again. Love, M xxx

Hi aims, lovely to hear from you too! I just love the cloak and did enjoy wearing it, as you say, don't know why I hadn't done it before.. I just hoped he would get it I suppose.
You obviously know more than I do about Doulas, it does sounds a good idea, and my neighbour has made the room look lovely. The whole setting is just perfect, warm and comforting. The baby still hasn't turned up however! Love M xx

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