Saturday, April 7, 2012

AWOL for five months... is that a record?

Oh my, I'm pretty much the worst blogger on record aren't I? How I have left it so many months to put fingers to keyboard, I don't know. And it's not as if nothing has happened either. Things happen every day, good, bad, or ordinary and it's a real shame not to record at least some of them. Anyway, no major disasters I'm happy to say, we are all in one piece.

Son and his girlfriend are now living together in his new flat, bought when he (at last) sold the old one. The new flat is in East London, close to Victoria Park (somewhere I'm really not familiar with) and is very nice. It's bright and light, with a newly done kitchen and bathroom - and I think the best part of it is that he's no longer sharing with his gay, gaming-obsessed, spliff-smoking old mate!! Sounds terrible doesn't it, and I think it really was for the last couple of years. Still, it's behind him now, and it does mean that he appreciates having his own lovely clean, fresh space to himself (well almost, but sharing with his girlfriend is at least his choice!). He's also about to change jobs, and is working out what to do next. Whatever it is, I feel sure he will make a go of it. He has certainly been working very hard for other people for the last few years; it's probably about time he did the same for himself!

Daughter has been through changes also, being promoted at work (which she richly deserves) and then, as recently as last weekend, splitting up with her boyfriend of just over a year. This doesn't seem to have thrown her too much as I think she knew the relationship wasn't going in the direction she would have liked (towards marriage and real commitment to both her and Grandson). And it was her decision, which always helps I think. Ah well, we all live and learn, and I think she will be fine. She is, without doubt, a survivor.

Grandson is doing well too - he is very happy at his school, which he started last September, and has made friends and settled pretty well. The boyfriend situation hasn't affected him too much because Daughter and the Boyf weren't living together, so there was a distance which has actually helped - I'm relieved that he won't have to do too much adjusting. It is another change though, and he has had lots of those in his 7 going-on-eight years. However, he is still a lovely and very loving child. Long may it last. He is going to be 8 at the end of May, and Daughter and I are taking him to EuroDisney for a weekend to celebrate. He is very excited about this, and I'm sure it will be great. I'm less excited (and you won't get me on any of the rides) but I'm looking forward to it too; we're going on Eurostar and will have time to see Paris on the Sunday before we come home. It will be the Jubilee weekend, so probably a good time to go.

Well, it's Easter weekend, and jolly cold it is too - freezing after the summery weather we had here in March. Son and his lovely girlfriend are in Warsaw for the holiday, visiting her mother (they were here last weekend), Daughter and Grandson are coming over for an Easter egg hunt and lunch tomorrow (they've been to London today on a lovely outing) and I've got masses of narcissi and daffodils out in the garden, frogspawn in the pond, and purple sprouting broccoli sprouting in my new vegetable patch. It doesn't get much better than that, does it? Happy Easter Bunnies to you all - and don't eat too much chocolate...


Expat mum said...

Goodness, I was wondering what had happened to you M. NIce to see you back in the blogosphere!

Working Mum said...

Welcome back!

If your grandson enjoys Disneyland then you will too. Just seeing his excited face will make it all worthwhile.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thanks Expat Mum, just got waylaid for a while :-) M xx

Hi Working Mum, lovely of you to have commented - yes I'm sure I will love it if he does :-) M xx

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