Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Mothers' Day.

    March already, and I've been otherwise engaged since my  last post... luckily it wasn't The Last Post, though it might have been since my Blog completely disappeared, together with my Google account, when Grandson did something with my computer. What it was, I don't quite  know, but he apparently tried to sign in for something and put in his date of birth - so I got a message saying that as I was under thirteen I was too young to have a Google account! Quite funny really, but it caused me no end of trouble trying to prove just how old I was before they would give me my account back. And then, when I had finally done it, my Blog had been deleted too. I have (as you can see) managed to get back on, and find all my posts. What a relief; I wasn't sure what I would do if it was completely lost, as I'm planning to use some of the posts as part of my Memoir. Anyway, panic over. I can access my Blog via  Google Chrome - and so can you, my faithful readers, if you still have the patience and haven't dropped off the flat earth...
    Old photos, diaries and bits of writing haunt me, I have read old poems, letters, short stories about my past life and even a pregnancy diary I wrote before Son was born. Plus an account of the brain tumour, operation and all. Somehow I have to fit them all together and make them make sense - it's going to take me a while, but I really hope the result will  be worth the effort.
    Mothers' Day is coming up here in the UK, and I'm not sure if Son and his girlfriend will be coming to visit.  Daughter and  her Boyfriend are actually going to Barcelona for a romantic weekend. so I have Grandson for Friday night and Saturday and he is going to the Boyfriend's Mother and Stepfather for Saturday night and Sunday. I'm sure he will have a great time with them, and I know that Daughter is very excited about her weekend away. So, it may be a non-event (in Mothers' Day terms) for me, but never mind - I've had so many lovely Mothering Sundays with my lovely children, it really doesn't matter. Whatever they do is alright with me.
    I hope your Mothers' Day is a good one, if you're a Mother that is :-)



Expat mum said...

Well, it's not Mothering Sunday here but I did manage to remember the Uk one and sent my mum a gift! Phew!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Expat Mum,and well done you for remembering. It does get confusing when it's different days in different countries. I'm not seeing either of mine this weekend, so it will be strange, but never mind. We're having a Mothering Tuesday instead :-). M xx

Working Mum said...

What a nightmare! Reminded me to back up my blog immediately (ages since I've done it).

Mothers' Day for me will be my first real one (see my latest post). Hoping for a good day.

Hope yours is still enjoyable without your children around.