Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Birthday Celebrations.

   Today is little Grandson's first Birthday and I have been to see him and join in the celebrations. It meant driving to London this morning, which was fine except I'm hopeless at directions and even more hopeless at using a Sat-Nav. I did try once, when a friend loaned one to me, and ended up shouting at the infuriating woman whose voice was telling me what to do. So now I look up the route on my computer, print it out and then sort of learn it before I do the drive.. Anyway this morning I was driving to their new house in Leyton and although I had pretty much memorized the directions, I still managed to get lost, went through the dreaded Blackwall Tunnel three times (don't ask!) and arrived, completely pooped, after two hours.
   It did improve after that, though I'm not sure that the little one  knew it was his Birthday. He certainly  realized that it wasn't a normal day because of the balloons floating around the house and everyone wishing him a Happy Birthday, and he was enjoying the food. It was a gathering of (mostly) Polish friends; one couple have a six month old baby, and two others are about to give birth, so it was very child-centred, naturally enough.  The other three guests were gay men, and I was the only grandmother.. And then they sang Happy Birthday in Polish - which I couldn't join in with,
Ah well, everything changes.
   It was so lovely to see them, and to see the new house which has been mostly done, but which has caused them so much aggravation. There are still things which are not finished, or have been badly finished, but Son seems to have it under control and the results are very good on the whole. It has taken its toll though, and he looks absolutely exhausted. I hope that now they can relax a bit and start to enjoy living there. Hearing about their awful experiences with their builder makes me feel even more nervous about my move - but I just have to be positive.
   This weekend Daughter has been away on a Hen Weekend. They went to a very grand-sounding house in Oxfordshire, with a pool, sauna and spa, I haven't  heard from her but she was due back this afternoon. Her partner has been in charge of Grandson and the baby on his own for the weekend, so I look forward to hearing how he coped. I saw him yesterday morning when I took Grandson to his football training, and he was in very good spirits, having had a fairly good night with just one child.
Of course Grandson is a help anyway, so last night was probably OK.
   Nothing much is happening here, though I feel I should be doing more to get moving. I have a surveyor preparing a report on the house in Shoreham, and have heard that my buyer would like to complete the sale in June. That gives me a bit of breathing space, but it's not that far off. I have had a couple of builders recommended, and I need to get some plans together. One thing is for sure, I'll have to get rid of so much stuff when I move. I look around at all the furniture and things I have gathered around me over the last 30 years and I  feel rather sad. Most of it I love, but there simply won't be room for it all....
   By the way, driving back was much better, thank heavens. I had the reverse route pretty fixed in my head, and only had to go round Bow Roundabout the once ; )

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