Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Slow, Slow, Quick Quick Slow,,

   Not much has happened since my last post, at least I haven't moved yet. I have been busy looking at more houses and waiting for my sale to progress. But it's slow. None of the houses have been as appealing as the little house in Shoreham, and although it's really small compared with where I live now, it could definitely be charming once it's gutted, fumigated and completely refurbished!! Strangely, something about it definitely speaks to me - and not just me; everyone else I have shown it to has had a similar reaction. It looks somehow familiar, and even Daughter felt the same, while we all acknowledge that it really needs a lot of work. I'm feeling rather nervous about it for a couple of main reasons: firstly it's obvious that I couldn't live there while the work is being done,so will have to rent somewhere for a couple of months and secondly I have to find a builder!
   Believe me, I don't underestimate what's involved; I have done building work many times before and it is nearly always trying if not downright horrible. Finding a builder you can trust to do the work, as agreed, on time, on budget and before you all fall out terminally can  be difficult. And here am I, seriously thinking of doing it again.
   Meanwhile my house (well, Maisonette) has been surveyed and I have just been sent a copy of the survey. It is purely and simply 27 pages of negativity, with a fair bit of  bias against 100 year old property in a seaside location thrown in. How, I wonder, have I managed to live here happily and comfortably for a mere twelve and a half years? How have I  managed to stay dry and cosy, with sound electrics, lovely wood fires in winter and perfectly functioning gas central heating? How come I haven't been driven mad by traffic noise or fallen off the balcony? It's absurd.. but it's another thing that's slowing me down. I'm staying calm and giving myself time to think before I react.
     Son, however, has just finished his trial by builder, and they are all about to move into their
new house in Leyton. I'm longing to see it as I have seen how much work they put into choosing every detail: wood floors, bathroom tiles, kitchen surfaces, radiators, paint colours, lighting and furniture. The timing of the move is great as little Grandson will be a year old on 29th of this month,
so I'm going to see the house and celebrate the first Birthday that weekend. His Mum had her first Mothering Sunday last weekend, and that was momentous - I think they had a really nice day. We certainly did, as Daughter and I took big Grandson and little Granddaughter to L'Eglise, a lovely French restaurant just across the road. Son treated us to a couple of glasses of pink champagne (by remote cash transfer as he couldn't be there ;)) which was bliss. and we had a super meal.
   And the latest news is that little Grandson is walking. Slow, slow, quick quick slow.....


Expat mum said...

Gosh I don't envy you another refurb job. I have done two massive ones and a small one and no matter how "well" they go, they are a nightmare.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I know. I must be mad to be even thinking of it..but thanks for the comment, it's lovely to hear from you.