Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Heat is ON.

       What a Summer we are having, It's so hot - too hot for many people - and there's the World Cup too. It certainly is a July to remember. I'm quite  happy to stay out of the sun and watch football, but I have also had a couple of lovely days on the beach at Rustington with one of my Best Friends, and we have swum in the sea too. It's glorious and much too good to miss.
       This evening it's going to be the first semi-final of the World Cup, with France playing Belgium. It's bound to be a tough game, and I'm having a job deciding who to support - especially since we (England) will be facing the winners tomorrow in our semi-final. Throughout this tournament I have been cheering for the team which had either a Spurs, or ex-Spurs player, and in this instance both teams have Spurs connections! It's a tricky one! France have Lloris as their Captain and goalie, and as he is the current Spurs goalkeeper, I guess I'll go with France. However, just to complicate matters further, I am going out for dinner this evening too - meeting a BBF at 8pm at Cote in Brighton, which is lovely, but I'm already making plans to arrive early and pop into the Pub opposite where they have a large screen for the footie. If I time it right, I can arrive at 7pm, watch the first half there and then just pop across the road at half time for our supper. And then I'll just have to catch up with the second half later...
       But tomorrow evening, I'll be glued to the England game and unable to focus on anything else except our brave boys and their Manager. Am I the only one who was confident that they would do well in this World Cup? I was certainly in a minority but I have been optimistic about their chances from the beginning. I'm naturally positive and could see that the combination of a young. intelligent Manager with a young and very talented squad would have a good chance. And it has been good to see the pundits growing in confidence too. Lineker, Shearer and Co have also cheered up hugely and are obviously daring to hope for a trophy. There has been none of that awful negativity of previous years.  Yes, it has been a surprising World Cup in that many of the old favourites were knocked out, but maybe it's time they were. Goodbye to Ronaldo, Messi and Co and hello to Kane, Alli and Co.. Gareth Southgate may be guilty of starting a fashion in M & S waistcoats but who cares if he can lead our young Lions to Victory. Come on England!!

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