Friday, April 11, 2008

Help! I need Somebody..Help! Not just Anybody..

Help. Help, HELP. I have got this bluddy (Shakespearean spelling) TV and can't, CAN'T get it set up properly. The man in Peter Jones said it was terribly easy to do. Huh!! If that's terrible easy then I'm a monkey's uncle. I need a fixer, no, I need THE FIXER.

I'll start at the beginning. Several days ago I decided that I'd had enough of being pathetic, and went on-line to buy this TV (Samsung, 26", built-in Freeview, HD Ready), which I'd seen in Peter Jones and had been advised (by the Salesman) to buy on-line as I would get free delivery on top of the free 5 year guarantee. Seemed like a good deal. So I sallied bravely forth (on-line) and bought the sodding thing on my John Lewis card (6 months interest-free credit). It duly arrived yesterday morning (during the five-minute space when I was drying my hair upstairs - do they do that on purpose?) Luckily though, my downstairs neighbour was home and took the delivery! I didn't even attempt to remove it from its package as I'm terrified of new machines (see my previous Post) and didn't fancy tangling with it, despite the Salesman's assurance that it couldn't be easier.

Part 2: Son, as it happened, had been made redundant last week, from his wonderful job in the music business in London. Fortunately for me, he didn't tell me until he had actually dealt with it and found himself another job. (He knows my bad habits, and I would have both panicked, and worried, terribly.) The end result of this is that, despite moving, taking on a new mortgage and being made redundant, he will actually be better off financially because of his redundancy payment (tax free). I must say he was enviably philosophical about the whole business, and sounded completely fine! He was invited to a very posh wedding in Somerset yesterday and the day before, and drove back today, via Brighton, to sort out some of his stuff in the Loft before the moving day - which turns out to be Monday (14th), not the 24th, as I had previously been told. (I hope you're still following this?) Anyway, I (perhaps unwisely) asked him if he would set up the new TV for me, which he did. Bearing in mind that he had had only two (or was it three) hours sleep, had driven here from Somerset, was probably still hung over, and had spent an hour in the loft chucking out his past, I guess I wasn't going to get his full attention or the best result. To cut a long story short, the TV isn't right. I have only 5 channels - and this on a TV which supposedly has Freeview built in. I have phoned John Lewis and they have promised to get back to me, but, as I said to Daughter, if they phone me and give me instructions, I still won't have a clue, and will panic and worry in equal measures, and get the bloody thing wrong again. HELP. Oh Fixer, where art thou?


softinthehead said...

Sorry being the other side of the Atlantic I won't be able to help you but wish you the best of luck. :)

the mother of this lot said...

Oh, Margot, I wish I could send her over. On Christmas Eve the FOTL bought a 50" plasma screen thing for the kids. (I think it's hideous, but I was srangely outvoted). While he sat there reading the instructions and scratching his head, she whipped out a Phillips screwdriver, put the stand together, then disappeared round the back of the telly, and within minutes and a whirl of scart leads, she it up and running - TV, video, DVD, speakers - the lot! The only thing she couldn't do was lift it onto the stand. (I think her dad was grateful to be useful for one thing at least)!

I just know that when she reads your post later she'll say 'How far away is Brighton?'

Working mum said...

Just one thing - do you have a digital aerial to receive the freeview channels through to your new telly?

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thanks all of you for your concern:

Dear SoftintheHead, are you also Tongue-in-Cheek?
Not that I'd blame you - I wish I was on the other side of the Atlantic too! M :)

Thank you The Mother, for your kind thoughts - it's just hopeless, I take one look at the instructions and my head falls off!
How lucky you are to have that Fixer. M xx

Dear Working Mum - now you've got me - do I? Not a clue. I can see I'll have to wait for Daughter to come over and sort it. In the meantime, I think my video and DVD player are working, so I'll just have to watch old films. Could be worse. M xx

The Fixer said...

I am art thou here. Would you like me to e-mail you the instructions or just come round? (might be easier that way!)

aims said...

I can see it might be working itself out. I sure hope you really enjoy it after all of this!!

girl with the mask said...

No suggestions on the telly but can I just say r.e. your son... he just sounds lovely! Doing all that for his mum! Bless him.


softinthehead said...

Tongue-In-Cheek - I like it, maybe that will be my alter-ego :)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi there Fixer, you obviously heard me scream! You are a dear girl, but I can't drag you all the way over here. I'm contenting myself with Channels 1 - 5 for now, and waiting for Daughter to turn up! Love M xx

Hello Aims, yes, I'm almost willing to go back to the old one which needed a bash to get both sound and colour at the same time! M :)

Dear G.I.M. Yes, he is lovely, and gorgeous too. I daren't put a photo on because he would have a fit. You'll just have to take my word for it. M xx

Glad you like it SITH, it just seemed to fit! M :)

Maggie May said...

I was sooooooo pleased to read this post as I am the biggest panicker when electronics go wrong or if I am trying to install something & have been reduced to tears. Now I know that I'm not the only one!
Sorry that hasn't helped you, but maybe you have it fixed by now. Hope so!

Donna said...

Haven't got a Clue!!! Call their Technical support line and they'll take you step by step!! You Can Do IT!!! I KNOW you can!!!hughugs

The Fixer said...

Seeing as I can't come and help, I made you an award instead. Come and get it!

Love F


Mean Mom said...

Sorry, I'm useless with tvs. I have to leave it to the men in my house. They are good for something!

auntiegwen said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only technologically challenged one in cyberspace.

I've enjoyed your blog tremendously, thanks for having me

Dusty Spider said...

Now if I was closer I would love to come and help seeing as how I have to do all the techy setting up stuff in this house, but I'd go with working Mum, you do need a digital aerial. Flick xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

HI Maggie, well it's still the same, but I'm ignoring it and hoping it gets fixed by magic! M x

Dear Donna, I love the fact that you have faith in me - I promise I'll try! Hugs, M xx

Hi Fixer, how lovely of you, I'll be over in a mo to collect it. Is it by chance a "This person is Useless" Award? M :-(

HI Mean Mom - how lucky for you that you have useful chaps around - it must be such a comfort. M :-)

Hello and welcome Auntiegwen, and thanks for your lovely comments. I really must try and get into the 21st. century! M :-0

Hi Flick - I'm so impressed that you can do this stuff. Will check with Daughter about the aerial. M x

Debra in France said...

All i want is to watch TV. Why do they make them more complicated than they need to be. It's the same with mobile phones, All I need it for is to phone someone, I don't need to check my stocks and shares on it (not that I;ve got any) or have a wifi connection to Mars!!! Bloody technology

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi again Debra, I couldn't agree more. Simplicity is what we want, and they have no idea about that. I'm sure I'll only use a couple of the buttons on the remote - who knows what all the others are for? Not me, that's for sure. M :-)