Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snowy Sunday.

Posting from a Winter Wonderland this morning (sorry afternoon). We woke this morning to a white world, and snow falling thick and fast - try saying that quickly. Grandson couldn't wait to get outside and make a snowman with Daughter. I didn't want to go out really, but provided a carrot for the nose (Chantenay of course for the perfect little snub nose) and a couple of stones for the eyes. We gave him arms too, so he is waving at the passers-by. Daughter, Grandson, the Boyfriend and his daughter have now gone off to Hastings to have lunch with some friends - and they couldn't have chosen a worse day for driving. Ho-Hum, they didn't seem bothered, but I hope they have a safe journey. The Boyfriend has been asked to be Best Man for this chap (I hope that wasn't him on the beach yesterday!) at the end of May, and they are getting together to make plans. Let's hope the weather will be more seasonal for the Wedding.

Now for the business of more catching up with Blogging Friends: Maggie May was so lovely and reassuring about my problems and worries with Son back in February (so were you all actually, but Maggie hadn't visited and commented before) Her Blog is called Nuts in May, and she loves being a grandmother too. Then there is The Mother of This Lot who introduced herself at about the same time, and sympathized with my worries about Son too. It was she who explained the difference between apron strings and heartstrings! She has FIVE girls, on her own - how she copes I don't know, but she does, and with great good humour. Her Blog is called Mother's Pride. Do pay them both a visit if you haven't done so before. Thanks to you both, and let's hope I've managed to follow Donna's and Dusty's instructions and embed links for you. If I've got it wrong, I'll just have to try again.


softinthehead said...

Winter wonderland is not quite what we call it here in Canada when we get snow in April!!! Anyway no complaining yesterday we had our first glorious spring day and today is shaping up pretty well. Living here you really have to treasure these days because literally before you know it, it is too warm. Yesterday was 15 degrees C - fabulous. All the human animals out raking, car washing, walking, jogging - it was great!

Donna said...

What a Quick Study you are!! The links work perfectly! AND LOL...I sincerely hope that wasn't the husband to be!!LOL...too bad you didn't have your camera...(I Just Mean For A FACE Shot)LOL...have a warm day sweetie!!!hughugs

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hello again SITH, lovely to see you. We had practically Summer temperatures on Friday, and then the Arctic back again today! Weird!
So pleased that you're enjoying nice weather. M xx

Thank you Donna, good instructions I say! I should have had the camera, but Daughter only brought it with her yesterday - just in time to miss the naked bod! Love M :)

aims said...

I don't know why Blogger keeps doing this to me - but every once in a while I will not be able to leave a comment - not even go to the comment page...anyone else having this problem?

And now - here I am - mind you - it's a day later - but here I am.

So - that dip in the ocean by that young chap sounded hilarious - and the price of those drinks ridiculous - but helping with a snowman - precious.

You have lovely friends and family Margot - you know you are lucky don't you?

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Aims - yes it's so frustrating. Every so often my computer freezes too and I can't do a thing with it! I have to turn it off and then on again before I can comment. Mad!
It was a lovely - and varied - day.

Of course I do know how lucky I am. They are blessings in my life.
(And that includes my Blogging Friends too.) M xx