Monday, July 28, 2008

Sod's Law.

I must apologise for the late arrival of the previous Post - if that makes any sense - because I had written it in draft and thought I had pressed the button to publish! Better late than never, I suppose, but I really wanted to comment on having reached a memorable date.

Daughter is doing very well in the new job. She had only been there two days when they asked her to take on some extra work, and told her that they have never had anyone who learns so quickly before. This doesn't surprise me, of course. I know how bright she is, but it's great for her to be told by someone other than her Mother. Last week she (finally) took her driving Theory Test (about which she had been very nervous) and scored 100%! Not too shabby! Perhaps now she will start believing in herself a bit more.

Thursday, the hottest day of the year so far, I decided to do my House Cleaning! I had a BF coming from London to stay at the weekend, and as she is very observant and tidy herself, I knew there was no escaping it. Believe me, I sweated, but it was worth it. Every surface gleamed, and her bedroom and bathroom were spotless. I finished off the rest of the house on Friday, just in time for her arrival by steam train on Friday evening. It was still gloriously warm, so we sat on the balcony with a lovely bottle of bubbly and some Wedding Cake which she had brought from her Daughter's Wedding the weekend before. It was the perfect end to the day, and just in case you're wondering, by then I was showered, shampooed and spotless myself.

On Saturday we partook of a late breakfast, and then a walk along by the sea. Whenever this particular BF comes to visit, the weather is always lovely (unlike poor Sister, who always seems to bring the rain). It was sunshiny and warm with just a little breeze: jolly walking weather. We sat and had our usual cup of coffee at the Meeting Place, watching a flotilla of little sailing boats, just like painted toys, tacking back and forth out to sea. And then we walked on to the Beach Cafe for a simple lunch. After that my BF spent some money in the Sales, and we wandered back home for yet another glass of bubbly in the sun on the balcony (yawn) before supper. Sounds idyllic doesn't it? Anyway BF caught the late train home, and I woke up next morning feeling sick as a dog. Ah well, we pay for our pleasures, so they say...


Stinking Billy said...

I couldn't believe this was your second consecutive post with zero comments, so please have this one with my blessing. I enjoy your easy style, and your stuff is never difficult to read. x

Donna said...

Again, HAPPY BLOG-A-VERSARY To You!!! (my singing stinks, but you get the message)LOLHahaha...So glad you had a Wonderful visit...sounds Wonderful, by the sea!! Happy sleep sweetie!!hughugs

Retiredandcrazy said...

Sharing a bottle of bubbly on the balcony with BF sounds heavenly. Congratulations to your daughter too. I love it when the children do so well don't you? Please come over to my site and pick up a "share the love" award.

aims said...

Margot - I checked with The Man and he confirmed what I thought.

There isn't any way of checking word count on blogger because all of the posts don't happen on the same page.

The only thing you could do would be to cut and paste every post into a word document and then ask for a word count. Would take a bit of time for sure - but it would answer your question.

Well done btw! How the years fly by huh?!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Dear Billy, thank you so much - I really appreciate your lovely comments and your constant support. Will be over for a catch-up later. Margot xx

Dear Donna, yes it was lovely. Thanks again!! Will be catching up with you later too - I'm due a catching-up session. Hugs. M :-)

Dear RAC, how lovely of you to visit - and yes, it was just perfect. I could have done without the sickness, but there you are! I'm so proud of Daughter, I'm sure you know what I mean. I'll be over in a jiffy, and thank you so much,
a "Share the Love" Award sounds very special. M xx

Dear Aims, thank you so much for finding out for me - so sorry if it was a chore! I just knew that you would know the answer between you. It does make sense of course, and I may embark on it. Time does indeed fly - and I can't imagine my life without my Blogging friends now. M xx

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations to your daughter, she has done very well to achieve 100%. I think some of the theory tests are quite difficult? Having passed 21 years ago now I didn't do anything like theory but it was still nerve racking!

CJ xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thank you Crystal, I think she did brilliantly too. I'm sure it wasn't easy. I passed too long ago to remember the details now - all I had was a few questions on the Highway Code at the end of my Test! M xx