Monday, October 13, 2008

Catching Up...

I think I'm going to strangle Mr. Picky. He manages to wind me up every meal time with just the tiniest comment - and a smile... Yesterday, when I had had a lovely day and was all smiles, he greeted me at suppertime with the words "You look tired Margott". (He pronounces my name with a strong T, when as we all know, "the T is silent as in Harlow") This, of course, is a euphemism for "You look bloody awful Margott". Thanks, Mr Picky. And this morning it was no paper napkin - everything else was on the table. Oh f*****g domage! Thankfully, I'm going out for the day today, to Ikea, so I can forget all about him for a bit.

I seem to have become a weekly Blogger instead of a daily one. It's not intentional, but when I sit down at the computer, I feel so guilty about not having kept up with all my Blogging Friends that I spend all the available time reading and commenting. I'll just have to find a couple of extra hours to add on to the regular 24.

Last week was so busy too. After my two days of Grandson collecting on Monday and Tuesday, I had lots to catch up on at home, but boring things like paying bills and listening to the ever-gloomy news on the radio. As Terry Wogan (my Oracle) said "Why don't they just stop talking about it." I agree, this whole financial panic is self-perpetuating. The more we all rush headlong towards the cliffs, the more lemmings will follow. I for one am counting my blessings (yawn) and keeping my head down. Oh, and shopping at Lidl, where I saved a fortune on Friday!

Thursday I went to London, again, and was planning to drop in to Son's office to collect the Birthday scarf he didn't like ("I don 't think I'll ever wear it, Mum."), return it to John Lewis, and then have a bit of lunch with Sister who has been having a very worrying time lately. Just as I was walking from Oxford Circus to Berwick Street I had a text message from Sister to say that she couldn't make lunch as she had to take her Son to Hospital. Such a shame, but perfectly understandable. So I popped into Son's office, picked up the offending scarf plus a present for me, from one of his girl friends, (which also turned out to be a scarf), and then went in search of a cup of coffee. Even seeing Son for five minutes was fine - especially since he looked very well, very busy and pretty happy. That's alright then. I then spent the whole day walking round shops, looking at clothes, chandeliers etc. (I fancy some new chandeliers for Chateau Margot). I bought a card plus a gift voucher for our lovely Bank Manager who got married recently. Then I bought some food and water in the Food Hall and sat in the sun in the park behind J.Lewis with my picnic. More walking, more window shopping and a couple of hours later I was completely pooped. My little legs couldn't take any more, so I flopped down in the train and snoozed all the way back to Hove.

Friday was shopping at Lidl day - and Saturday I drove to see one of my oldest BFs who has returned from living in Cornwall and has moved back into her house in Chertsey. I'm delighted to have her back within easy reach again - Cornwall is just too far for regular visits. It was a glorious day, and Daughter and Grandson came over too. We met up at my BF's house and talked non-stop. Grandson and I played footie in her garden, and then we all had bsgetti and worms for lunch. Perfect. My Swiss Student left on Saturday too - it was sad to see him go. He is a lovely young man, only 17, but with nice manners and a charming and cheerful outlook on life. I think he enjoyed his stay with me. I got the "three-kiss" continental farewell and a promise to exchange e-mails. Wery nice...


family affairs said...

"Mr Picky" has to go. He's going to stress you out more and more and you don't need that in life. OR just let him know that you are looking tired because of the sleepless nights you are getting thanks to him Lx

Stinking Billy said...

margot, you got me all excited for a moment, there, and racing for my dictionary but, alas, no domage! Is it French? I thought I had found a word for nitpicking (don't ask) with one syllable less. x

Expat mum said...

Just give him a patronising little pat on the head next time and say, "Oh it's always something isn't it dear?". Hopefully that will make him feel a bit highly strung and he'll back off. It would certainly shut me up.

Donna said...

I'd LOVE to be able to spent the whole day walking, looking and shopping!!! I'll just have to "live through you"!!!hahaa...Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

auntiegwen said...

I'm not liking your picky student any better this time M, he sounds like a real, well I won't lower the tone (but you can guess !)x

Mean Mom said...

What no paper napkin? Are you sure that you're up to the job??

Sorry to hear that Mr Picky is still being a pain. Try to ignore him, even if it is with gritted teeth. If he's not happy with you, he can always try living on the street, I suppose.

Glad that you had a good time shopping and with daughter and grandson etc, anyway.

(I'm still chuckling at your reply to my comment on your last post. I don't think SB can have read it and my lips are sealed!)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Oh Lulu, you're so right. It really sucks, because I thought I was looking OK!! Anyway, I think I'm getting to him. At last, will fill you in later. M xx

Dear Billy, yes, domage is French for "oh bugger", basically. Nothing to do with nitpicking - though Mr Picky has me searching for new words, that's for sure! M :-)

Hi Expatmum, what a good idea. I did get to him this morning with a discussion on "Irony" - which of course he didn't understand and wouldn't admit to.. M :-)

Dear Donna, do come over some time and we'll shop together - wouldn't that be fun. I bet I'd buy more with you around! Hugs, M xx

Hi Auntiegwen - well the good news is he's got a cold, which is slowing down the criticism somewhat. And you're right, he is a real Mr. Picky. M :-)

Hi Mean Mom, well I've given up on the paper napkins - he only wanted one to throw away. Grandson is more mature I think! (I'll be able to compare when Grandson is here for the weekend.)
As for SB, I think you're right - he hasn't said anything, so I guess he didn't read it. M :-)

Anonymous said...

I went to Chertsey a long time ago to visit an old dilapidated cottage which belonged to my first husband's grandmother. It was on a main road, black and white sort of Tudor style.

Hope Mr Picky improves soon!

CJ xx

Maggie May said...

Mr Picky is a problem.... needs some lessons on what to say & what not to say.

Your trip to London sounded lovely. Did you change the scarf for something else or just change the colour?
Always good to have the little grandson. I have my grand daughters on a sleep over tonight. Safely tucked up in bed.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Crystal - Chertsey probably hasn't changed that much - lots of it is on the river and most of the houses look fairly old to me. It's still quite villagey, at least where my Bf lives.
I don't think Mr Picky will ever improve - but I have a plan. M :-)

Hi Maggie, he's really not my cup of tea at all - and doesn't seem to understand our English good manners.
I returned the scarf because there wasn't anything else he wanted - he never asks for anything, so we just have to guess! (And get it wrong!)
Grandson all tucked up too - he's bliss.M :-)

Working mum said...

Ah ha! I see why you're counting your blessings during these financially unstable times - taking a present to your Bank Manager!! I call that bribery!

I too am counting my blessings and shopping at Iceland and Aldi (although Tesco have now started selling Aldi's products cheaper than Aldi) that's when I get time to shop for food. This week is a 'freezer' week!

Suzysoo said...

Its a pity it wasn't Mr Picky that was leaving instead. What a slimeball!!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Working Mum - oh no, it does sound suspect I guess - and any explanation would just make it worse :-)
I'm due another trip to Lidl this week, if I can fit it in! I must say your "freezer week" sounds very organized. M xx

Hi Suzysoo - yes, it's just my luck that he's staying another 8 weeks! I'm hoping for a bit of light relief when he visits family in London, please!! M :-)