Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did you enjoy your Trip?

Oops. What did I do last night? Fell down the stairs... Well, I was on my way out to a Birthday Party for my neighbour's Fortieth, downstairs. I had taken the time to dress up (the invitation had specified " Sirens and Matinee Idols"). And though I wasn't dressed as a Siren, I had put on a long dress, a pretty frilled devoree jacket and some Chanel No.5. Plus, sad to say, a pair of high-heeled red velvet slippers. These were my downfall. I was carrying carefully wrapped Birthday Presies, a bottle of champagne and my keys, and then tried to lift up my dress to navigate the stairs. Too much stuff and not enough hands! I caught the shoes in the hem of my dress and the result was a sharp fall, a thump and a scream (from me) and a shout from Daughter who was (luckily) here watching the X Factor, and who ran to my aid. I sat awkwardly on the landing, pouring blood from my mouth and feeling very shaky indeed. It turned out I had put a tooth through my lip and twisted my foot - plus given myself a sizeable lump on the back of the head. Half an hour later, when the bleeding had stopped and I had stopped shaking, I did go down to the Party and enjoyed a glass or two of pink champagne, a few tasty bits of party food, and some good conversation. Today the foot is very swollen and I have a pouty lip, but there's really nothing much to show for my trip. How lucky. Daughter said last night that I'm "hard-core". Which translates as "I'm a tough old bird". She also said "You never cry, Mum." I thought about this and came to the conclusion that, over the years, it wouldn't have been much good to dissolve into tears when bad stuff happened. I was a single parent, so whatever it was, I had to deal with it on my own. Tough, but true. And at least I've also got strong bones -now that is lucky.

Before that mishap, the weekend had been pretty-well perfect. It started early, on Thursday afternoon, when I collected Grandson and brought him back here because he had no school on Friday (and Daughter was working again). We had a very lazy morning on Friday, and then went for a very muddy walk up to the Windmills. On Friday evening I had two parties to go to; the first was at the Foreign Language School which supplies most of my Students. They were having an official opening Party for their new building, which was very smart. There was delicious party food and pink bubbly and I chatted to a few interesting people. Then I whisked off to a Private View down at the beach, where there was more bubbly and some very tempting prints - sadly too expensive for me at the moment. As Daughter was staying here (she came down after work) I didn't have to worry about feeding my Student, and she sat with Hon Grandaughter and Grandson while I enjoyed myself. When I came back, she went off to meet some Brighton friends for the evening, so it all worked out perfectly.

On Saturday morning, after feeding my student, we all tootled off to feed the Donkeys and then had a spot of lunch before delivering Hon Grandaughter back to her Mum for a bit of shopping. Thankfully, as I said, Daughter was feeling so relaxed that she decided to stay another night with Grandson. If she hadn't been here, I might well have cried!


Rob Clack said...

Oh that was bad luck, but I'm impressed you still went to the party. Presumably your bloody lip and limpy ankle provided extra topics of conversation. I'd have been seriously tempted to curl up on the sofa nursing the bubbly myself! Hope you heal soon. R

family affairs said...

Oh no poor you! Very brave and I know what you mean about crying - us single parents have to get pretty tough! No time for tears! Well done for getting to the party Lx

auntiegwen said...

Hope your foot feels better soon, I would have fallen down AFTER visting the party ! I'm sadly a 2 glass girl at the mo !

Stinking Billy said...

margot, I don't know about 'hard-core' but you are amazingly resilient when it comes to either missing a party and some champers or getting up and soldiering on. May your partying never end. ;-) x

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Rob, and thanks for your sympathy. Actually I don't think anyone noticed - by the time I got down there everyone had had a few drinks and any staggering about would have been put down to the drink!! M xx

Hey Lulu, thanks for the visit - and I really felt very lucky. After all it could have been a lot worse. M :-)

Hi Auntie Gwen - lovely of you to visit - and I know what you mean. Actually the pink champagne was quite a good anaesthetic! M :-)

Hi Billy, well thank you - it would have been no fun to miss the party after all. There's plenty of time for sitting with my leg up in the week! M :-)

Expat mum said...

That is a very frightening sensation when you know you're falling and there's nothing you can do about it. I have some stupid wide leg trousers that catch my heels every time I descend the stairs. Don't know why I wear them really.
Love that you still made it to the party tho'.

Maggie May said...

oh dear hope you are OK.
I am staying at my daughter's and am using her computer.

Anonymous said...

Not a pleasant trip then! Do take care. And yes, good that your bones are strong.

It must be difficult for working parents when their child is off school. I don't have anyone to look after Amy even if I did go out to work. Luckily, I work from home.

CJ xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi expatmum, yes, I knew a split second before that I was going to fall. and I love wide-leg trousers too - so silly. It would have been sad to miss the party. M xx

Hi Maggie, I'm fine now thanks, no bones broken. Hope your half-term visit is going well. M xx

Hi Crystal - not, not the best
trip, though I'm fine now.
I remember being really stuck when my two were on school holidays and I was working. That was why I worked from home too - it's the best solution really. M xx

Mean Mom said...

Hope you went to the party in your trainers, just to be on the safe side! You'll have to carry those shoes, instead of wearing them, I think. Oh, dear, you were very brave, not to cry and then to go to the party after such a fright.

I went for years without crying. I couldn't seem to manage it, even when I wouldn't have minded a little weep, but now I am in the menopause and I can cry at the drop of a hat! Glad you are OK and didn't break anything.

aims said...

Oh Sweetie. I've always admired the strength of mothers. You have proved that to be true once more.

Get strong once again and go and party some more.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Mean Mom - I just love your new photo. D'you know I didn't - I wore the red velvet slippers, because my foot hadn't yet swollen up!
And the odd thing is, I feel very fortunate. Let's face it, it could have been a lot worse. As for crying, it just didn't occur to me. I do cry sometimes, but for emotional things rather than physical ones, I think. M xx

Hi Aims, lovely of you to visit when you must be feeling pretty low. And thanks for your lovely comments. As always, you are so thoughtful. Partying is something I do rarely, and from the comments I heard afterwards, I was glad I didn't stay very long! M xx

softinthehead said...

Ouch Margot! The partying afterwards was impressive - also you don't mention being awash with champagne so am also impressed that you managed to keep it intact during the fall. Well done - keep that let up :)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Sith, nice to hear from you. Yes I did manage to keep the bottle intact, though I'm not sure how! I did advise her not to open it too soon, though.
I have been keeping the leg up, but it gets a bit boring after a while. M :-)

Donna said...

OHMYGOD!!! I CAN NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE FOR A MINUTE!!!Hahahaa....GirlieGirl!! You could have been hurt MUCH worse!!! Talk about 9 lives! And Then you went on to the party??? One Tough Broad!!!hahahaaa...Be Careful sweetie!!!hughugs

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Oh Donna, I just can't be trusted I know!! I think I must have nine lives, don't you? I obviously need you watching over me like a good fairy - Hugs, M xx