Monday, October 20, 2008

Displacement Activity.

I'm not having much luck with printing out my poems this evening. For some reason the bloody printer is just sitting here quietly humming away to itself and refusing to work!!! (That's after it got the first lot wrong and started printing out my entire file.) I expect I've pressed the wrong button somewhere. Oh Dan, Dan, where art thou? (I'll have to phone him in the morning.) It's too frustrating, so I've decided to try and add some more of my photos:

There you are - Grandson helping me in the garden, my little pond (home to Mrs Frog and the Tadpoles), another view of the garden with seat and semi-naked Greek lady statue, and a sparkly sea picture, with a white-sailed yacht taking centre stage. This is where I walk most days. "Perfick", as Pop Larkin would say.


Maggie May said...

That was a LOVELY post. A story through pictures.
You have just the type of garden that I love. Lucky you, living by the sea. What a good place to be. And that grandson..........what a lovely little chap. He is lucky to have a gran like you!
Hope you get the printer fixed. That kind of thing drives me mad.
I did enjoy that post!

Stinking Billy said...

Hey, Margot, I never knew you had such shapely, smooth, tanned arms! But forgetting that, you are a fellow printer-sufferer, too? I think I love you. x

Dusty Spider said...

Loved your pictures, especially the one of the sea front. One of my favourite walks too! Sorry your printer is playing up. Did you try turning it right off and on again? Sometimes works for me. Flickxxx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thanks so much Maggie, glad you enjoyed it. I do love my little garden and it gets a lot of attention. As you can see, Grandson loves to get involved!
I love that sea pic too, the light is wonderful. No luck with the Printer yet...M :-)

Aw shucks, Billy, flattery will get you everywhere :-) As for the blasted printer, it only works if I turn it off and then on again... How's yours going? M xx

Hi Flick, and thanks. The sea is magical really, and I'm so lucky to be close to it. Yes, I'm having to do that thing about turning it right off- it's the only way I can get anything out of it. Dan is on the way though, so hopefully it will start behaving soon. M :-)

Suzysoo said...

What a lovely garden, you look after it very well and it shows. I like your little helper!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thank you suzysoo, I do love my little garden - but not as much as I love my little helper! M xx