Saturday, August 18, 2007

Domestic dramas.

Alas, this morning I felt rather mean when my departing German lady teacher presented me with a lovely miniature rose and a paperweight in coloured glass which she had carefully chosen to match the gorgeous African Violet on the dining table. These were very thoughtful presents, and she was very generous. I still felt a huge relief when she left, though. Probably because I have had a very heavy week, emotionally. The fact that I had Son and friend staying, and was looking after my grandson this afternoon didn't really count. Family and friends are easy because we all fit together comfortably on the whole, without too much effort. It's just a question of making space and feeding them at regular intervals - and this is something I enjoy, and always have. When they all left this afternoon I felt rather lonely. And since the weather has since turned foul (wet, wild and windy), Sister will probably not be coming to do the Car Boot Sale. This is a real disappointment, because although I hate getting up early, I was looking forward to the catching-up, and to the general camaraderie of a Car Boot. It's always a bonus to make some money, but I just enjoy the social interaction. Ah well, we'll have to save it for another (non-rainy) day.

Grandson managed to upset my cup of tea into my lap this afternoon. It was pretty hot and caused an exclamation, which alarmed him so much that I ended up comforting him rather than changing my clothes. Poor little scrap - he was devastated and kept asking me if I was alright. We were watching The Railway Children and playing the keyboard at the same time, so an accident was bound to happen!

Son and friend have headed off to London, Daughter has finished work for the day and gone home, and I'm here in solitary splendour. Having had a houseful, it feels odd to be on my own again.. sounds like a cue for a song!

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