Friday, August 24, 2007

It is Moving Day.

Every time I log on to Blogger, I tick the box which says 'remember me', but it never does. I always have to type in my password - not sure why? Am I particularly unmemorable?

Yesterday and today have been rather frantic, and I have felt both stressed and worried. Mostly because I can't just make things happen for Son and Daughter. The blooming flat sale has been holding everything up, and I just feel powerless to help.
Because we are victims of a broken chain, and because it is August (during which the whole world seems to be on holiday), we have been twiddling our thumbs and waiting for something - anything - to happen. Today Son had to move out of his dreadful flat in London (a curse on his bastard Landlord), and has nowhere to go. Well, in fact he has somewhere to go, because some good friends have just bought a house and are thankfully letting him stay for a while. But it's not his, and it can only be for a short time. He will be homeless again on his birthday, and there's no way round it. Today he will be driving that van probably until midnight, loading and unloading his and other people's stuff. And his mobile phone is broken (so he has borrowed mine). And he's got no bed to sleep on when he finally does get finished! At least I managed to feed him and his friend before he drove off again. Daughter, too, is stuck until the flat sale completes, because she and Grandson can't move on until it goes through. So we are all wading in treacle, or so it seems.

And yet, this evening, after Son drove bravely off in the hired white van (having deposited yet more stuff in the storage we have been keeping for the last year), I did suddenly feel more hopeful. Somehow, I felt that everything would be alright. The flat sale will go through soon, Son and his friends will find somewhere really nice to buy in London, Daughter will move on with her Boyfriend (who adores my Grandson, so that's OK), and I will be able to relax and think of them all being settled and happy.

If only I could wave my magic wand, just like Harry Potter (or rather Hermione, who seems to get all her magic spells right), and make it happen now. We do seem to have been waiting rather a long time for things to go right. Perhaps that's how it's meant to be, but I think they deserve a lucky break, God. How about it...

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