Monday, August 27, 2007

Such a Perfect Day.

Oh God, another Bank Holiday. Yesterday, Sunday, wasn't too bad because I went to a Car Boot sale in the morning, with Gay Friend. It was a lovely morning, warm and sunny. GF phoned me at about 9am to say that he would like to come with me, but that he was very hung over and needed to be picked up. Fine, so I did. He came out of his flat in shorts and a very battered Panama hat, carrying a large plate on which was one piece of buttered toast, one boiled egg (peeled) and one piece of toast and honey. Eccentric or what? Then he sat comfortably, while I drove, and ate his breakfast. We both felt better for that.

At the Car Boot we found some wonderful bargains. I picked up two lovely, large blue and white spotted teacups with saucers (the sort you dip your croissant into), a wooden shoe-rack, a heavy wooden cutting board with a handle, two blue and white delft pattern bowls for Son, an asparagus cooker (without basket) and another butter dish for Daughter (the last one was smashed by a falling plate). I spent £5, so that was very good value. GF bought a vintage Harvey Nicks black sequinned dress for 20p, a piece of vintage fabric for another 20p, various other bits and pieces and a terrific working Lightbox for £15. We were well pleased with our purchases and came back to sit and gloat and drink coffee on my balcony.

Later, a couple who are friends of GF came to stay here as B & B guests for the night. They turned up with two other women friends, all dressed to kill (and made up to kill), and made me rather long for my London days, when I did the same. (I mean a heterosexual couple; the husband, of course, was not made up - being rather more frog than prince-looking.) After I had settled them in, I went off to a barbecue with friends, taking some Damson Cheese I had made, some Dolcelatte, and some bread to go with it. Rather a good combination. It was a lovely late summer evening, with good company, good food and soft rose wine.

This morning I got up to cook breakfast for my guests, only to discover that the husband was not feeling well; he had had a really bad toothache last night, and was still in a lot of pain. So breakfast was not a great success. I had to whizz off and pick up Hon. Grand-daughter, so couldn't stop to commiserate. I cycled off, towel and cosie at the ready, and we had a lovely day. It was warm and sunny and we swam in the sea and built a stone dam to try and stop the tide advancing. What a good game. Then we came back and did some painting - the watercolour variety - had supper and watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Quelle day!

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