Sunday, August 12, 2007

Payback Time

Bugger, this morning I have a burgeoning cold sore which has given me a top lip like one of the Simpsons. Thank heavens I don't have a blue rinse too. My Mum used to get these (not blue rinses, cold sores) and told me that when she was a girl they called it 'the kissing disease'. Now I don't get a lot of kisses (especially the full-on sort), except from Grandson, Daughter, and Son, when I see him,so I was racking my brains for the cause of this eruption. Then I remembered that my friend's husband had given me a real smacker when I arrived on Friday for dinner. This was surprising, because we usually exchange polite air kisses. I did wonder why at the time, but only fleetingly...

I also have a nasty, angry-looking red graze down my right leg (plus a number of bruises which will obviously turn blue, yellow and green in time) after falling into the paddling pool yesterday. Altogether,the look is not very attractive. Not my best.
Perhaps I'll put a brown paper bag over my head, or just stay indoors today. I do feel that this is probably cosmic (or is is karmic?) payback for my nefarious nocturnal activities with the hydrangeas. Someone up there was watching.

Speaking of bad language (see bugger, above) I have now managed to teach my grandson to say it. He cheerfully says "oh bugger" if he trips up, just like me. And if I ask
him "What did you say?", trying to look shocked, he just gives me the cheeky grin and says it again. I did this a few years ago with the daughter of one of Son's now distant girlfriends. The daughter was only two when I first met her, and is now nearly nine (she became part of the family, so I suppose she is an honorary grand daughter). She used to come and stay with me in Cambridge, where we had two cats. The elderly one, called Tigger, was so cantankerous that we used to call him the old Bugger. Well of course you can see how it happened. And now it's a family joke. Hon. grand daughter still comes to stay (she lives in Brighton with her Mum anyway), and she thought it very amusing that Grandson has now learned the family swear word. Sorry to impose this on you, especially on a Sunday morning. Perhaps I'll go to the Car Boot sale after all. Now where did I put that brown paper bag...

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