Friday, September 5, 2008

Big School At Last.

Grandson started Big School yesterday! What an event. Apparently he couldn't wait to get there in his new uniform (all neatly name-taped by his Nana) and went up to introduce himself to his new Teacher. Very impressive. Daughter and the Boyfriend recorded everything on their camera phones, and when I went over in the afternoon, I saw all the photos. Daughter and I went to collect him from School just after 3pm, and it was still pouring with rain. We stood waiting under a motley collection of umbrellas, with all the other Mothers, until the Reception Class came out. The children were all holding hands, and carrying their book bags which were almost as big as they were. Grandson looked rather bemused, and was very pleased to see his Mumma. Daughter thought he might like to have a pizza at Pizza Express, but all he wanted to do was go home. So we all curled up on the sofa with tea, milk, chocolate biscuits and swiss roll, and watched The Aristocats on video together. It was very cosy and relaxing. When we asked what he had for lunch, his reply was "bsgetti and worms", which he apparently ate all up, with some custard! Anyway that was his first day, and he looked completely wiped out. Bless the boy.

This morning Terry Wogan was bidding us farewell again for a couple of weeks. I don't begrudge him his holidays, but I really don't look forward to his absences. I'll just have to put up with it I supppose. It's not quite so bad since I have discovered Radio 7, which has lots of plays and stories on most of the day. It's not a bad substitute. This morning Sir Tel played Bing Crosby singing "True Love" from the old film of "High Society" - and he said that it was one of his favourites. Me too. It's one film I haven't got on video, so I'll have to look out for it at the next Car Boot Sale. Great music and great stars: Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, Satchmo, Bing Crosby and loads more whose names I can't recall.

I'm feeling very well now, but still have masses of stuff to catch up with - it's such a waste of time being ill. Today I have been doing boring things like paying bills and making phone calls that should have been done weeks ago. I did notice that when I didn't respond to a request from the electricity company to send a meter reading, they simply sent me an estimated bill instead. I guess they don't want to miss a chance to get their money in. (And for once, their estimate is actually more than I owe!) I heard on the news today that Golden Brown is covering himself with the opposite of glory, in his mis-handling of the proposed fuel payment to families! How can this Government keep getting it so wrong? Of course it wouldn't have been a long-term solution to give families a lump sum, but it certainly would have been a great help, and they could have kept working on a solution for next year. That makes sense to me, but not to greedy old Golden and his chums. And as for the half-arsed gesture regarding Stamp Duty, what a croc! As everyone I know is saying "Too little, too late."

Son is coming down from London tomorrow, and we are suppposed to be going to a rather posh Private View at a friend's house in the country. There will be paintings, sculpture and ceramics all displayed in and around their country house, studio and garden - except that in this weather I'm not sure how they will manage it. I spoke to my Artist Friend this morning, and she said that the fields are awash and the garden has been beaten down by the torrential rain. Not sure how many people will brave the weather if it's still like this tomorrow. And it's a shame because there will be masses of champagne and posh party food going to waste. We may have to force ourselves to go, equipped with wellies, macs and umbrellas. All in a good cause...


farming-frenchstyle said...

What we have to do in the name of Art! Sounds like a tough night ahead of you (not).

Stinking Billy said...

I gather that your grandson was just starting at his First School, but the term "Big School" reminded me straight away of how we in the Infants School (5 to 7yr-olds)always looked on the Big School in awe.

When we finally moved across the yard to the larger building, with 6classrooms instead of three and for ages 8 to 15 (it was only a small County Primary School), it was akin to entering University.

aims said...

I've been watching many bloggers sending off children to Big School. We don't call it that over here so the names sound funny to me. Plus - I don't have any children so have never enjoyed any of this. The only schools that have uniforms here are private schools. What a difference huh?

Glad you are feeling better.

Here in Alberta we got a lump sum payment of $400 each one year. It has never happened since and I think everyone was expecting it to be a yearly thing. But - that premier left office and now we have someone who likes to keep the money all locked up - and Alberta makes tons of money from the oil!

Government - sheesh!

Expatmum said...

Ah, little kids at school. It is really tiring for them so no wonder he just wanted to lie down.

ExpatKat said...

Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for popping by my blog.
The Art, sculpture etc sounds lovely whatever the weather. It's just the kind of thing I'd love and with the british countryside thrown in...fantastic. Do I sound homesick? ;-)

(Very) Lost in France said...

I remember my two starting school like it was yesterday and my strapping 5'7" 13 year old was just a dot with a bemused look on his face. Starting them at school in France was worse by far. I cried all day wondering what dreadful psychological harm I was doing them. Needless to say it was much easier for them than for me. VLiF

Donna said...

You Just can't stop time, can you...Grandson is growing up...Sounds like he had a Busy day indeed!! Hope You're feeling Much better sweetie!! Happy private viewing!!hughugs

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi there F-F, well it was a complete wash-out, so we didn't go after all! Shame really. M :-)

Dear St. Billy, I can remember that feeling too. I expect it's the same for him. They did all look very small! M :-)

Hi there aims, I will try and get a photo of him in his uniform on for all to see. And I haven't forgotten the Beach Huts, it's just that the weather has been so dreadful.
We (pensioners) get a yearly fuel allowance here. But I don't trust them one bit! It's all about profit. M :-(

Hi expatmum, yes, and in fact we were all pretty wiped out with the emotion of it all! M :-)

Dear expatkat, thanks for your visit too, and the kind thoughts. In fact it was completely washed out in the end. Apparently they were stuck fast in the mud (cars and people). Very British - are you missing that too? M :-)

Hi there VLiF, lovely of you to visit. I'm sure time will fly in a similar way here too. That must have been so hard for you - and of course they don't tell you all they are feeling, so you feel more guilty. If that's possible. M :-(

Dear Donna, how true. But I'd just like him to stop for a bit! Feeling fine now, but nearly washed away with the rain! M :-)

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Glad you are feeling well. The posh gathering sounds like fun, hope you have a great time.

I remember Amy started school, it's such a memorable occasion. I hope your grandson will enjoy his new phase in life.

CJ xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Crystal and thank you for visiting. SAdly, the gathering was practically washed away, so we didn't go. Disappointing really. I'm going to pick up Grandson from school tomorrow, so will see how he's doing. M xx

Working mum said...

Glad your grandson's first day went well. Such a relief when they take to it. I'm enjoying hearing daughter's choice of lunch - she seems to be trying everything I don't give her eg sausage, chips and beans!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Working Mum, I'm pleased your daughter is enjoying it too - the lunches seem to be the most important thinbg so far! M :-)