Monday, September 8, 2008

Rain Stopped Play.

The weekend was a complete wash-out, sadly. Son gave up on driving down when he was caught in a traffic jam, before he'd even reached Croydon, and in torrential rain. When we spoke on his mobile I suggested aborting the mission because he would have had something like five hours driving in all, getting to and from the Private View, and it was apparently still sheeting down there. It didn't seem like a good way for him to spend a precious weekend when he is so busy at work and needs all the relaxing time he can get. I spoke to my Artist Friend who said she didn't think many people would turn up (and apparently those who did got stuck fast in mud in the fields). I'd been looking forward to dressing up and drinking champagne, but the thought of having to go in wellies and raincoat wasn't quite the same. And it was blooming cold!

On Sunday I tried to find a Car Boot Sale, but had no luck there either. Although it wasn't raining on Sunday, it hadn't stopped for the previous few days, so all the fields were water-logged. I ended up at a Garden Centre sitting with a cup of lovely coffee and reading Harpers and Queen. At this time of year I'm more interested in clothes, as Autumn is coming on, and I saw some great looks in Harpers. Armani had some lovely black with leopard print stuff, and TOD had an advertisement with Gwyneth Paltrow looking lovely in caramel and beige cashmere and leather. I'm pretty sure I can't afford those things (and let's face it, I don't look anything like Gwynnie), but at least I know the look I'm aiming for. Bling jewellry seems to be the thing now too, so I'm delighted to have my "diamond" bling watch with the white leather strap. I saw a couple of versions of this in Harpers, but they were Designer jobs and cost around £3,000. Mine, bought on Bid TV, was a lot less, but still looks the part!

I walked down by the sea this morning, the first time for a while, and though it wasn't exactly warm and sunny, it was great to be out in the fresh air. I passed a house which I like very much, which sits on a corner overlooking the sea, and which has recently sold for £3million. My Gay Friend, who came for supper last night, told me that it has been bought by Denise Van Outen as a seaside retreat. It has wonderful views in both directions along the sea shore, but no garden. It does have a couple of large balconies, and is just a hop, skip and a jump to the beach, so perhaps she won't mind the lack of garden.

After our roast chicken last night, GF and I watched a programme about The Who, which I really enjoyed. I didn't much like their music in the 70s, except for Tommy the Opera, which I thought was quite wonderful. Fascinating, though, to see it all in retrospect. It is another piece of social history. Sadly, only two of them are left alive now, since Keith Moon and John Entwistle died. (Though hearing about how they all lived and what junk they were taking made you wonder how any of them were still alive.) Just like the Beatles I suppose. In Harpers and Queen there were pictures of Paul and Ringo at some posh Fundraiser or other. They looked healthy and happy, with their respective families. It's a miracle really that any of them have survived.
One of my BBFs said her Daughter went to a very posh party at the weekend, and saw Mick Jagger there. Apparently he now looks like a very old man. Not good. But at least he's still alive.

A Brilliant Post Script: Daughter passed her Driving Test (first time) on Saturday. Very exciting and very well deserved. Now she will be able to drive to and from work, and do the School Run (for the next 15 years!!). Ah well, progress...


aims said...

You sound happy Margot.

You know how much I envy you your sea and your ability to just wander down and have a pot of tea and people watch.

Someday - you're putting me up and we'll wander by the sea together. Me with the widest grin on my face imaginable.

family affairs said...

Congrats to your daughter...I wish my mother would sew all my children's name tapes on...I hate that job Lx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi aims, how lovely that will be - consider yourself invited any time.
And how perceptive of you, I am feeling happy - no particular reason except I'm busy, feeling OK and getting on with some writing!
M xx

Dear Lulu, thanks and so glad you could visit. Just send me the name-taping. I'm never happier than when I'm doing a bit of light
sewing in my spare time. M :-)

Maggie May said...

This blasted weather is messing up everything. Sorry it ruined your son's visit.
I love being by the sea. You are lucky to be so near to it.

auntiegwen said...

I'd love to live by the sea, I do envy you that.

sorry you missed your son, but glad the granson's first day at school went well (I wish someone would sew all my nametapes on)

and big congrats on daughter passing the driving test, I can't remember how may times I admit to failing mine but I didn't pass 1st 2nd or 3rd time !)

Donna said...

Never cared for The Who either...Congratulations to Daughter!!! Now she just needs driving Experience...hahahaaa...Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Stinking Billy said...

Nice one, Margot, easy reading and one for us older ones. ;-)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Maggie, yes it was so disappointing, but not much we could do about it. The sea is always interesting, even when the weather isn't up to much. M xx

Hi Auntie Gwen, lovely of you to visit again. You probably have loads of nametapes to do, and I really do like sewing them on - strange isn't it? I should offer my services to all my Blogging friends. Congrats passed on to Daughter, who is so thrilled to be driving properly. M :-)

Dear Donna, we are obviously twins there somewhere - so much in common! And yes, I agree, it's the experience that takes the time. Love and Hugs, M xx

Hi Billy, nice to see you again. Will be over to check on you this weekend. M :-)

Dusty Spider said...

Hi Margot, many congrats to your daughter. Remind her to engage a lower gear when she's going down Ditchling Road to The Level won't you!:-) Still envying your walks by the sea. Ho Hum. Flick xxx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Dauty, thanks and will pass them on to her. She hasn't driven in Brighton yet, but I will remind her! Will pop over to you soon. M xx