Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A turn-up for the turnip!

What a hoot. I heard this on "Saturday Live" last Saturday, in an impromptu poem written by one of the guests. Apparently sales of turnips have doubled in the current financial situation. People are buying more root vegetables and are going back to cooking basic, nourishing and (let's face it) old-fashioned food. Cool. I've never really stopped cooking old-fashioned food. I like simple stuff: homemade soups, cakes and puddings, roasts and stews. And it turns out these are what people are going back to.

Buying the mattress is progressing. Today I went on a mattress hunt while the last coat of floor paint was drying. I overcame my embarrassment and managed to lie down on several very smart mattresses. I made one salesman laugh when I confessed that my current mattress is 30 years old, and therefore older than him. Ugh! I dread to think how many generations of dead dust mites are piled up in that mattress. It's not going back on my bed, even if I have to lie on the (newly painted, beautiful white) floor. I've discovered that the local Council will take my old mattress away for a measly £8.60. Cheap at the price. Tomorrow I start on touching-up the walls, painting the skirting boards and moving everything back into my bedroom. If I can manage to make a decision on the mattress, I could have it delivered (free) on Thursday. And as my new Student is arriving sometime on Friday, I'd better get a move on.

I have been relieved of my Grandmotherly duties this week because of having so much to do here. I miss the little tyke though. Today being Tuesday, it felt rather odd not to be driving to Dorking to pick him up. (The Boyfriend took today off, and was going to collect Grandson from school this afternoon.) I did telephone to say hello at tea-time, but he wasn't really interested. He was watching something riveting on TV, so all I got was a "Hello Nana" and a kiss down the phone. Never mind, I'll take whatever scraps I can get.

I had a phone call from Daughter this evening. She had been out for a meal with some of the girls from the office, and was driving home, talking to me on her new hands-free phone. Today she had also had a conversation with one of the Managers at work, who was asking if she would consider taking on a Senior Administrator's job. They have been so pleased with the way she has handled the travel section over the last ten days, that they are moving her up! Already. Not that I'm surprised - I know how smart she is, and I'm so proud of her.

My new Foreign Student is another very nice young man. He arrived on Sunday afternoon from Switzerland. His english is pretty good, and he is very together considering that he is only 17 years old. Yesterday was his first day, and I started it badly by oversleeping for the very first time since I have been taking students. For some reason my alarm didn't go off, and I woke with a start at 8.10am. As breakfast is at 8, I was late. Bless him, he had eaten his cereal, without milk, and was very gracious about my lapse. I hastily gave him orange juice and made fresh coffee and toast. Oh dear. It wasn't a good start, but he laughed about it, and went off very cheerfully. I put a new battery in my clock and managed to make it on time this morning. Phew..


aims said...

Wow - painting and writing! Grandson isn't going to know his brand new Nana!

Would love to see some pics when all is done. It's a ton of work isn't it - but oh so worth it in the end.

auntiegwen said...

My mum used to make me eat turnip, cabbage and brussel sprouts as a child, she said I'd learn to like them, I'm 42 now and I still don't (but I like red cabbage)

Well done to your daughter on her promtotion and to you for getting up on time today ! x

family affairs said...

gosh you're a busy bee - I love white floorboards. I've got those in my room and strangely I was looking and lying on mattresses a few days ago too! Lx

Donna said...

Congratulations to Daughter for the advancement!! And So Soon!!
And I keep Hoping my alarm won't go off...hahaha...Happy week Sweetie!!hughugs

the mother of this lot said...

Do you mean to tell me my cooking is old-fashioned? Oh well....

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Dear aims - I know, it's too much isn't it? Photos could appear as if by magic this weekend as Daughter is coming over and she's ace at getting things on the computer. M :-)

Dear Aunti Gwen - it's funny those things Mums say isn't it? They never seem to change. It's strange I know, but my kids have always loved vegetables! Bliss on the getting up tomorrow because breakfast isn't until 9 at weekends. M :-)

Dear Lulu, we're on that parallel life thing again! Except I could do with a builder boyfriend :-)
PS Mattressman is good, and delivers (free) next day. My mattress is fab. M xx

Dear Donna - not sure if she's going to get the job - but it's early days anyway. I'm having a lie-in until 9am tomorrow. Whoopee.. M xx

Dear Jackie, how lovely to see you.
I know - there's nothing better than good old-fashioned, proper food, prepared by good old-fashioned proper Mothers! M xx

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Good news for your daughter, I'm not surprised you're so proud of her.

CJ xx

Rob Clack said...

I liked the turnip poem, too, though I can't remember it at all now, of course.

Congrats to your daughter. Hope it all goes well for her.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Crystal - yes, I guess I'm biased! M xx

Hi Rob - I know, I've forgotten the rest of it, unless I write things down immediately, they're gone! Daughter is really doing well, thanks - though she does look tired.. M xx