Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Old Eggs.

So sorry, I've been off enjoying myself despite the terrible weather. On Saturday I drove up to Kent, across country, to stay with my Aristocratic BF. On the way I went through rain, hail, sleet, snow and sunshine. Amazing. It was great to get there, and we soon settled in round the fire. Actually I was listening to the Tottenham match on Radio 5 on the way, and arrived in time to watch the second half on TV. Great goals in the second half, and a good result. (2 - 0 to the Spurs.) Son was at the match and sent a message saying that it was bloody freezing (they had snow there too) and very frustrating until they scored. Oh it is hard supporting Tottenham, patchy is a polite way of describing their form, but we are old die-hard supporters and that's that really.

ABF and I were reminiscing about things past. We have known each other since I was pregnant with Son and her youngest son was 4 years old. That's nearly 29 years. Our (then) husbands were partners in a Video Company in London, and she and I became good friends when we were househunting in Kent. We always say that our friendship outlasted both marriages. She was married (also for the second time) to a charming man who was a nightmare to live with. He was always off somewhere (in a chauffeur-driven Roller) and would turn up unexpectly with 10 friends in tow (having been at the Races or something similar) and demand a perfect dinner - which she would of course produce. Dear old T, he had champagne tastes on no money (the money was all hers), but he was a charmer. Sadly, he died about 10 years ago, and ABF was there to the last, looking after him when his then wife couldn't be bothered to sit with him in hospital. I really think ABF is a saint - she has certainly earned her wings.

Just to round off the weekend, I drove back this afternoon through a veritable blizzard. But I had my food parcel to look forward to when I got back home. ABF always thinks I don't eat properly, and invariably sends me home with lovely treats. Today it was some Manuka Honey, three fat slices of home-cooked ham, two organic fruit yogurts and a bottle of Rose wine. Just so I don't go hungry...

I'm still catching up with my Blog readers, and am adding three more to my Blog list, with more apologies for taking so long. First Rising Rainbow, who visited me back in January to make a comment, and whose life with Arabian horses is completely fascinating to me - she could be speaking a foreign language, but I do try to follow what she says. Then there's Expatmum, who now hails from Chicago and is bravely raising her family and writing most successfully in the USA. Brilliant. She too hates shopping and loves James Taylor, so we have a lot in common. I wish I could give her good news about Per Una! Last up for today is Potty Mummy, who sympathised with me about getting rid of the old - pictures and paperwork, childrens' drawings and all. She seems to have had the same sort of over-indulgent Easter as I've had. Still, when the weather is so awful, what else is there to do? Now where did I hide that chocolate egg?


Donna said...

What a wonderful way to spend time!! I'm So glad you've started to get out and about!! What a Good friend you have...they're rare. Have a happy day sweetie!hughugs

Potty Mummy said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, very much appreciated. I would stay to chat but have about 100 chocolate eggs to 'hide' from my children (oh the things I do for them...)

aims said...

I'm sorry for sort of laughing at the 'snow' you have been having. I know it's unusual over there..but hey - everyone should try least once in their life!

Sounds like you have some marvelous friends...treasure them.

Casdok said...

Crazy weather!!
Im getting old, these days if i hide things i then cant find them!!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thanks Donna, it was fun despite not being able to do the gardening!
I was supposed to prune her roses. M :)

You're welcome Potty Mummy, I just love those chocolate eggs - don't hide them too well :)

I know Aims, it's not real snow like you have, but we do like to talk about the weather here. We get so much of it, and all different! M :)

Hi Casdok - I know what you mean; I'm always finding things in "unexpected" places :)

the mother of this lot said...

Glad you had a good time. I could just eat those three slices of ham!

Expatmum said...

Thank you so much for that, and thanks for popping over and adding a comment on my ridiculous post. Your life sounds like something you read about in a Mary Wellesley (SP?) novel, except not pissed off. But someone doing their own thing, with lovely friends and family, and great interests.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi The Mother - you always make me laugh! Sorry, but the ham has gone. Now there's a surprise - and it was very good. M :)

Hi Expatmum, and thanks for your comments. Other people's lives are so interesting aren't they? That's why I love Blogging - I get to peep into other worlds, and they all look fascinating to me. M x