Saturday, March 1, 2008

One Day Early..

I have had my Mothering Sunday today, and it was just perfect. I had Grandson to stay yesterday, and so our day started really early. He was awake at 6am, full of beans, and I just wanted to bury my head in the duvet and go back to sleep - no such luck. So we got up at 7, which wasn't too bad, and had a very relaxing morning. I cooked him sausages for breakfast, which he wolfed down, and I had oatmeal and tea. (No toast, butter and marmalade because I'm trying to get the weight down a bit.)

Anyway, as I was getting out of the shower there was a knock at the door, and I just managed to get there (in dressing gown and rollers) to receive two parcels from the Postman. Special Delivery. One was from Son, a big parcel inside which was a lovely card and three packages: I had a gorgeous scarf, soft cobweb grey with an even softer lining, a fabulous book of Vogue Covers, and a dear little bar of organic olive oil soap which has a leaf pressed into the top. Typically, they were all beautiful things, carefully chosen, and the card came with "loadsa love". Son is on his way to Colorado today for a week's skiing, so it was lovely of him to remember and send such perfect gifts.

My other parcel was from Sister, who had phoned me previously to say that she had found some stuff for my Birthday, which she hoped I would like. Well, I just loved it. She had chosen a complete Summer outfit for me - white cropped linen trousers, a black t-shirt, a red and white spotted cotton trackie top and a great red and white striped belt - and as a bonus, there was a white caftan-type top with sequins round the neckline. I was so surprised and thrilled. That outfit is going to France ASAP. How wonderfully thoughtful that was - I phoned her straight away to say how much I liked them.

Next came Daughter with the Boyfriend and his little girl - Grandson was so excited that it was a job to get him dressed for their arrival! I had another lovely card from Daughter, and more presents: blue hyacinths and purple tulips (what a gorgeous combination), a dear little tin filled with strawberry and champagne truffles (very slimming) and the prettiest little spotty china tea-spoon rest (very useful). I was feeling completely overwhelmed by this time - and then we went out to Otello, the new deli-type restaurant along the road, and had a wonderful lunch. The children had really good pizzas, Daughter and I shared a chicken kebab and salad, and the Boyfriend had a grown-up pizza. All lovely, and we had puddings afterwards too. I chose the most delightful Almond and Amaretto ice cream (well worth the capitals). It was probably the best ice cream I have eaten outside of Italy. The children were as good as gold, and we all had a lovely time. In fact the whole day was perfect. I wobbled back up the stairs (did I forget to mention the wine?),lay down on the sofa to watch a Saturday film after they had gone - and woke up a couple of hours later!
That was my Mother's Day, and I couldn't have had a better one, even if I had waited until tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have another French Lady arriving - she last stayed with me in November when she came for a few days. This time it's for two weeks, as she has booked herself into a Language School for a course. We had a very jolly conversation (in French) yesterday when she phoned to confirm her visit. I realized that she wasn't going to manage the details in English, so it seemed only polite to speak in her language. And, surprisingly, the French came easily - needs must I suppose. I usually find that when I go to France it takes a few days to get my ear in with the language. Anyway, we will have to talk English while she is here, for practice, and I have warned my little Swiss hobbit that he will be expected to engage her in conversation. I'm sure we will make a very merry band of midgets. (I'm about the tallest, at 5' 2"!) I'll report back tomorrow, after supper..


the mother of this lot said...

Glad you had a good day. Good luck with the League of Nations!

aims said...

What lovely presents you got! My goodness you have thoughtful people in your life. And - you deserve it!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

the mother.. thank you for your visit, nice to see you again. Yes, it was a lovely day, and I hope yours was too? I will be over for a visit later. M xx

Hi aims - yes, I'm one lucky mother, they are thoughtful people. M xx

Expatmum said...

How lovely. I should have made my family observe the UK MOther's Day instead of waiting till May. As it was I tried to go clothes shopping for my teenage daughter, with 4 year old son in tow "because he loves us so much". He was a nightmare, sliding around on the changing room floor and generally annoying his sister. We all ended up in a bad mood and heading home.

Casdok said...

How lovely to be surrounded by so much love!
Hope your French ladies stay goes well.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi expatmum - oh dear! Four year olds and teenagers are a tricky mixture! At least you have between now and May to plan your day. M xx

Hi casdok - lovely of you to visit. Yes, I'm so lucky to have all that love, aren't I? French lady, bless her, is quite happy but finding it hard to converse! M xx