Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Twice Tagged.. only one set of answers.

I've been tagged, twice, which means that I have to think up several things that are either interesting or different (or even peculiar) about me to share with the Blogging world. It has taken me ages to think of them, so here goes, and I hope they're not too boring:
1. I'm allergic to cats, dogs, horses, sheep and ash trees.
2. I used to sing with a Jazz Trio.
3. I have dyed my hair every colour from black through to white over the last 30 years.
4. I am left-handed in just about everything, except peeling potatoes and playing golf.
5. I was an identical twin, but my twin sister was born dead.
6. I was one of the lucky people who happened to see the Beatles' last performance together, on the roof of Apple Corps in Savile Row.
7. Sorry, can't think of any more.

Thanks to Family Affairs and Retired and Crazy for tagging me. Does this mean I have to pass it on? I suppose it does, so I'll have to go away and think about that now.


family affairs said...

Well that took you a while...but was worth waiting for. An identical twin! I imagine you often think about how different your life would have been with another one of you around....I'm sorry.

I too am left handed in every respect except for peeling potatoes and golf (which is my excuse for not doing either of those activities!). Isn't that strange! Throwing a ball, etc I all do with my right (again v. badly so avoid at all costs).

Milla said...

How sad about your twin (who would have been right handed, apparently. That's the way it goes). Am right handed but left legged. Whatever that means!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Lulu, so sorry about the wait - and thank you for your comments. I used to think about my twin a lot when I was younger, and could almost feel her presence, but this has receded over the years.
I throw left-handed too! M xx

Hi Milla, and thanks for your visit. How interesting about the left-handed/right-handed thing, I didn't know that!
I kick left-footed too, though can kick with my right. Actually I'm a half-decent footballer (or was!)
M :)

Dusty Spider said...

Fancy you being left handed too! I read somewhere that left handed people are a "mirror twin" where the right handed twin is reabsorbed by the mother's body when only a few cells. So sorry to hear that you lost your sister though. Strangely, I often felt like I was missing something as I grew up and finding out that I could have had a twin explains that feeling. Not that I'm comparing that to actually losing someone. Strange though eh!
Brilliant list. See, you had lots of interesting things to tell us. Don't doubt yourself!! Love and hugs Flick x

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thanks Flick, you're very kind! I didn't know that about re-absorbtion either - see how much I don't know! I never really got to think of her as a sister somehow. And no-one talked much about emotional stuff then (back in the Triassic period). Left-handers rule, OK? M :)