Monday, December 3, 2007

Inspiration or Perspiration.

I'm afraid it's going to be slim pickens on the Blog this week, as I have had the copywriting work confirmed - yesterday - and they want it finished by Friday! This is typical - clients want your best work, concepts and thoughts, naturally, but they always want them quickly. Throughout the years I have been doing this writing work, it seldom varies. No-one ever seems to understand that your best work, in a creative sense, takes time. The brief goes in, you read all the information, you digest all the facts and then the data has to be processed in your head. Once this has happened (and you can't turn the process off once it has started) creative ideas, solutions and concepts start to appear. Sometimes they flood out, and sometimes it's very slow. (I keep a pad and pen by the bed, because you never know when a genius thought might strike!) And sooner or later, depending on the time available, you end up with a creative idea that fits - hopefully one that's good too. (Even better, one with a twinkle of humour in there somewhere.) I started working on this brief this morning, having digested it fairly thoroughly before I gave them an estimate for the work, so I'm now in the process of Creative Thinking. I love doing it - there is a familiar rhythm to it. I write everything out on paper before I get to the computer,because that's all part of the process. When I see the written words on the page, I know whether they are right or not. Don't know how, I just do. (And before anyone else says it, I know it's only Advertising. It's not going to change the world.)

Of course the other part of the deal is agreeing a price for the work! And that involves a bit of fancy footwork, because clients like to think that they are getting a bargain and I like to think that I'm being paid a reasonable rate for the job. Fair enough. On this occasion, the client (I think) delayed agreeing the price because he wanted to give me the least possible time to earn my crust! Or get the most out of me for the money. That's OK though, I was there before him...

Yesterday I had Son and his friend here enjoying my B & B facilities. I had also got the forms and letters for the Flat Sale ready for him to sign. After it was done, though, we realised that he had possibly signed the wrong box! Our Solicitor was very sanguine about it on the phone this morning - I'm sure it happens all the time. Anyway it has all gone off in the post, and if it's wrong he will just have to do it again.

It's lovely and sunny, but I can't treat myself to a walk by the sea just yet. And I can't sit here rabbiting all day. Back to the old familiar grindstone..


Retiredandcrazy said...

Your house/life sounds just like mine. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes not. When It's chaotic I want out, and which it's not I hate it! No pleasing me. The children bring laughter, life, sleepless nights, mess and I love it.

family affairs said...

Yes definitely alchoholic genes running through our's challenging but makes for an interesting life!! Hope my parallel life doesn't bring back too many bad memories!! Lulu xx

Stinking Billy said...

I feel I could write a book in this space. I scrolled back a week to 'Remembrance of things past', which I loved, then scrolling up, brought myself up to date.

I love your style, Margot. It is one I could aspire to if I wasn't so bloody old. Your latest, on being a professional writer, I found just fascinating.

Far from writing a book I am stopping here because I feel I have already said it all. How's that for economy? ;-)

Just one other thing; why "A Mother's Place is in the Wrong? That seems such a misnomer to me.

Excellent stuff.