Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Come, all ye Faithful..

I have been slacking again this week, as far as blogging is concerned - I'm afraid that Christmas cleaning has taken over. As I'm expecting the Orphans of the World to descend, I'm cleaning every inch of the place, bottom to top, washing curtains and bedding, stuffing unsightly items into the loft and lesser things under my bed. I'm sure it's all bad Feng Shui, but I'll sort it out after Christmas.

Son has invited an old friend from work - actually a young woman, but a friend rather than a girlfriend. She is not going home to Australia for Christmas, so will be staying here. Another couple, also friends of Son, will be here on Christmas Day and maybe for longer - also because they come from far-flung places. He is from Canada and his lady friend, whose name is Oceana, comes from somewhere Eastern and exotic. We also have Son's best friend from Cambridge days, who has just separated from his wife of two years (!). They have sold their flat here in Brighton (well Hove, actually) and so he is homeless for the holidays. I could go on, but I don't want to bore you. Of course Daughter and Grandson will be here too, plus the Boyfriend (and the Boyfriend's daughter after Boxing Day), but thankfully, they will not be sleeping here. It's actually rather good fortune that Son's flat sale hasn't quite gone through, or we would have sleeping bags in every room. Why do I need to clean the place if I'm expecting such an invasion? I have no idea, but I had a chat with Sister yesterday evening, and she is doing exactly the same - so maybe it's in the genes..

Just to jolly up the season, I also have a cold. It started last evening when I was entertaining my new neighbour from downstairs. We were both sniffing and sneezing, while drinking bubbly. I suppose there are worse things. This morning the car was due in for a check over, but when I got there, having scraped ice from all the windows, their mechanic was off sick. No joy there then. And now that Son's best friend has dumped a few more things on me (heading for the loft), I'm off to finish my Christmas shopping - no doubt spreading a few diseases with my coughs and sneezes.

This morning on the phone, our Solicitor was telling me how healthy he is because he
cycles the 7 miles to work every day. He reckons it has been about minus 5 degrees for the last week or so, and he sounds fit as a flea. Oh, bah, humbug..

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Crystal Jigsaw said...

Blimey, your house will be full to bursting. Hope it goes well and you all have a wonderful time.

Crystal xx