Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas..

I have been the slowest of slowcoaches today. For some reason I couldn't get going,
though I did my fast walking first thing this morning, and that was fine. There was a mackerel sky, flat and patterned with pale grey clouds on a pale orange horizon. It was lovely, and the sea was flat too; quite a change from yesterday's two-metre- high waves which were really scary. But when I got back, I just couldn't motivate myself to shower, dress and scurry out for the Christmas shopping, which was what I'd planned. I fiddled and faddled about, writing lists, making coffee and wrapping eBay things to post. I finally left the house at 12.30! Not exactly an early start!

Then I couldn't focus - I had my list, and some things to return, but nothing made any sense. I had asked Son what he wants for Christmas, and he said nothing, as usual. Daughter is more or less done because she always knows what she wants. But what am I going to buy for everyone else? After several hours of looking, all I got was hot and bothered in all the overheated shops. I did buy a few things, but don't hold out much hope that they're going to be right. Why do we put ourselves through this every year?

In the end I gave up and walked down to the sea to sit in my favourite beach cafe and drink a cup of tea with KT (mother of Hon. Grandaughter),who works there. The sea was smooth and flat, the sun was shining and the sky was a glorious blue with jet trails painting enticing lines towards the golden horizon. We sat very comfortably enjoying the view, and mused on Christmas and the impossibility of thinking of anything to buy, or even anything we want! They are off to Majorca for Christmas, to join her Mother and Stepfather who live there. Sounds perfect to me - I wish I was escaping too..

Daughter's Birthday tomorrow. Today she and the Boyfriend drove to Surrey to start looking for places to rent - they took Grandson, and had quite a good day. She said that Grandson was very businesslike; he tucked the details under his little arm, and had a polite word for all the Estate Agents they met. I do hope they find somewhere lovely to live.

Dombey and Son lived up to expectations this morning. It was quite exciting when Rob the Grinder was forcibly fed rum, and gave the game away. (I was right about Carker and Mrs Dombey, by the way ). Walter Gay has ideas above his station, see if he doesn't. And Mr. Dombey will come to a bad end, as sure as night follows day.

I have just eaten a forbidden truffle - very naughty but worth it - and am now going to send some e-cards for Christmas. There has been no word from my Portuguese client about the copy I sent him last week. This is typical of course - clients often give false deadlines because they don't think you'll deliver the work on time. I'm only hoping he doesn't come up with "urgent" revisions a couple of days before the holidays. That would be just my luck.


Blossomcottage said...

Just along the coast from me, but I am in the Downs to the West, I love the sea when its flat, I find the large waves a bit on the scarry side, I walk the dogs on the beach at Hayling Island when I can, they love it chasing the gulls, I only go when the tide is going down as I am worried that they might go out too far and I will not have time to scoop them up, the other advantage is they come home with lovely clean coats and not covered in mud!!
Great Blog and I am so glad that someone else out there has days when they fiddle and faddle!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely you made that sound: having a cup of tea at your favourite beach cafe.

Many congratulations on the award. And I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday and manages to get sorted out with a place to rent.

Crystal xx