Sunday, December 16, 2007

Talking Aloud..

This morning I caught myself interacting with the Archers Omnibus - it was my first utterance of the day and went something like "Yes it is Shula, you silly cow!" I quite startled myself with this, and realized I was talking out loud, when normally my conversations with myself are more internal. I really must get out more.

Yesterday was a complete write-off because I felt awful, for no particular reason. I had Grandson all day, and we were both a bit off colour. He was grumpy and argumentative, which is not normal at all, and it took me a while to realize that he was tired - I guess because I'm just not used to having a three-year-old around all the time. Once I had realized that, I got him upstairs and he was asleep in about five seconds. I just laid down beside him and dozed too. I'm sure it did us both a power of good. He slept for about 2 hours, and was much more cheerful when he woke up. I didn't feel much better, though I wasn't so tired. I had been invited to two parties,but didn't feel like going anywhere. Fortunately, one of the parties was cancelled, so I only had to let one person down. But as it was a fortieth Birthday party, and in a local pub, I don't imagine I was missed. Sod's Law though, that on the one evening when I'm invited out I just didn't feel like going!

At last I have had a response from my Portuguese client. His email, which I received a couple of days ago, went like this: "In the first reading that i made to the texts i must tell you that i am surprised, and i must gave you congratulations,because it was exactly what we wanted." Now, writing exactly what clients want is my job. I very nearly replied, sharpish, that it was no accident. But then I stopped, thought, and didn't reply immediately. I really am learning not to react too quickly. The good news is that they like the copy, so I sent a very cheerful reply, saying that I was pleased that they were happy. Their comments will come later, but not two days before Christmas, I hope.

Golden Brown seems to be behaving very badly all round. I can hardly credit that he thinks it's OK not to turn up for meetings on Climate Change, or to turn up late, when everyone else has signed and agreed terms, and sulkily put his name on the dotted line. What was his mother thinking when she brought him up without any manners? I have heard, repeatedly, that he is a nasty customer to deal with, and not one to cross. Do we really want someone like this representing our country, showing his lack of breeding to the world. He's heading for the naughty chair if I'm not mistaken. I have to say that even George Bush looks quite cultured by comparison, and that's saying something. He may not be the brightest bulb in the batch, but at least he has decent manners. ..

The house is looking very Christmassy. I've decorated the tree with silver baubles and star lights, and put up a few other bits and pieces. If I was any good at adding photos to my Blog, I would - but I'm hopeless. Some of my fellow Bloggers are brilliant at this, and have put on some gorgeous pictures; snowy gardens, frosty roses and cheery robins. Very festive and seasonal. I still have to put my lights out on the balcony, which always looks lovely. I think I'll wait until Daughter comes over in the morning and do them then.


Anonymous said...

Hey! If I can put pictures on my blog then I'm sure you can. I am the world's worst with computers, totally thick when it comes to working them. It really is quite easy, even for me!!

Crystal xx

Mar5k said...

Shouting at Archers characters - a true fellow spirit ;o)