Friday, January 4, 2008

Can't buy me Love..

I was feeling rather better about it all this morning. More philosophical, I suppose. And having comments and support from other Bloggers really does help in these situations. So when Daughter and Grandson arrived this morning, I was so pleased to see them, and couldn't help realizing just how much I love their shining faces. Grandson came up the stairs saying "It's me, Nana" and holding his arms out for a cuddle and a kiss. I also managed to have a good talk with Daughter, and said that whatever I do or say, I will always love her and be there for her - I only want the best for her. I also said how much I will miss her when they move. And I felt better for saying it all. When I gave Grandson a kiss and said "I love you, because you're my special boy", he hugged me very tight round the neck and said "I love you Nana cos you're my special girl." As my Sister said, when I told her, you can't buy that!

I have started reading "His Dark Materials", which Son has been urging me to read for the last year at least. He was right, it's great and I have been sucked in and transported to that strange world created by Phillip Pullman. It's weird, magical and also oddly familiar. I suppose the real genius with that kind of writing is to make it very believable and yet foreign and mysterious. The story is fascinating and the characters crackle with life, fire and energy. It's a huge book, and with any luck it will take me at least a month to read. I only read when I go to bed, so I have ended up the last few nights burning the midnight oil. I know I should go to bed earlier, but life is just too exciting!

Friends have been phoning to wish me a Happy New Year - friends who have been away, that is. My Cornwall BF came back from staying with her famous sister on Long Island, but didn't have a great time because her bloke took to sulking and didn't crack a smile the whole time!! Some compromises are just not worth it. Mother of Hon Grand-daughter sent me a message on Facebook to say that they were back from Majorca, having had a great time. But my Brighton BF is not back from France yet, though due any day I should think. My other Brighton BF is having a horrible time because she has had some flu' type bug for more than a week (and has just got through her first Christmas without her dear Mum). Good news from my Gay Friend in London though, because the chemo has shrunk the two tumours and he is feeling like shite but happy!


softinthehead said...

Hello, I can't wait to have grandchildren just so I can get hugs again, my children are apparently too old for that, my 15 yr old won't let me get anywhere near him. This is the one that loved having his back stroked and that only seems a few months ago! Anyway SB's comments relating to your July 27 blog made me go back and have a look too, I am new to this and have only been reading the current blogs. Cannabis - well I think most parents today are in the same boat, they are going to do "Something" and there are worse things out there. I can remember banning cigarette smoking and that got me absolutely nowhere. I am sure my older kids smoke it regularly and I just have to trust them to be sensible. We didn't get all the bad press here, Canada in general is fairly liberal on this point and sometimes I think all the "latest studies" might just be propaganda! Remember when they told us red wine was bad for us, then good for us...and this has happened with a lot of stuff. Everything in moderation...that's my mantra..except when it comes to bread and biscuits!!

I also enjoyed reading about your struggle to put the links on your blog, Aims (and The Man) kindly gave me very straightforward instructions. The ones on the website made no sense to me whatsoever. I'll shut up now.

aims said...

HI! Just popped over after your comment at SITH and see that your links do not work!

I think you made an error when you put in the links site URL's -

so to start over with according to
'The Man'...

go to customize
click on template
click on page elements
click on add a link list
now - select who you want - and copy there address such as
put this in the site url - BUT!! remember to take out that extra http;/
I was doing that myself and of course the links don't work...

give it a try - and don't forget to click the save changes button...

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