Sunday, January 13, 2008

How the Mighty are Fallen.

So, Peter Hain's illustrious career seems to have come full circle. How the mighty are fallen! I remember him from many years ago as a young rebel, an earnest and honest young liberal who had no money, who championed the concerns of minority groups, and who demonstrated against the Establishment, particularly against Apartheid. (There was a photo of him being carried away from a 1969 Demo, by policemen, in the Sunday Times today). Then he became gradually more successful and joined the ranks of serious politicians. And who is not tainted by contact with Politics? He rose through the ranks, no doubt losing a little of his integrity and passion with every year. I have often remarked on his rise to power, and equally often thought "How sad." I guess there's no money in championing lost causes. Now, of course, there's the kiss of death in the statement that Mr Hain has the Prime Minister's full support. That's it then. Goodbye Mr. Hain - we remember you when you were young, committed and untainted by power and politics. Welcome back to the Real World.

The weather has closed in again today. It's grey and gloomy and the sea has been whipped up into what looks like a rolling boil. I ventured as far as Tesco's for a paper and a few supplies, but that was it. I'm settling in with a cosy fire and the Sunday Times; what could be better. My Foreign Student hasn't moved far today either; he didn't want breakfast again, surfaced at about 11.30 this morning, and has been watching the Snooker in his room since then. There's a lot to be said for this inactivity, I suppose. Especially when you hear that two poor unfortunate people who ventured out climbing in the Lake District have fallen to their deaths in the last few days. One fell 1500 feet, and the other was literally blown off the top of a high peak. It's obviously safer to stay in bed...


aims said...

Sorry - just catching up on yesterdays and todays post..

Yesterday - how lovely to be able to walk down to the sea and sit and have tea and toast. I have seen alot of stuff on Brighton on that show Location,Location, looks quite lovely...and on the cold side.

Today's post - how horrible about those two deaths...staying in bed might just be the best thing!

Rob Clack said...

Yes, Saturday sounded nice. I envy you the sea.

Hain seems no loss, though I agree that 30 years ago I'd have classed him as one of the good guys.

Casdok said...

Yes there might just be something in inactivity.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Far nicer to stay in bed too I think. Your student seems to have the right idea.

Tragic about the climbers wasn't it. God bless them.

Crystal xx

Rising Rainbow said...

Very sad about the climbers but that must be some kind of fluke. I always feel so much better when I make myself be active.