Friday, January 18, 2008

No room, No room..

What a frustrating couple of days! Yesterday I had to drive to my Aristocratic BF in Kent to take back the bedding I borrowed for my Christmas guests. In the end, I hadn't needed it, so it sat in my bedroom, taking up space and had to be moved before the onslaught this weekend. I drove there in pouring rain, which developed into a regular tempest on the way. Just my luck. Daughter stayed here with Grandson to look after my little Swiss Hobbit. She apparently tried to get him to talk over supper, but had no more luck than I have. This did surprise me because she is just gorgeous, and I did think that his 21 year-old heart might have been stirred. Nope.
Perhaps he's a gay Swiss Hobbit!

Back home today, and needed to give the spare room a freshen up and some clean sheets because Son and the Girlfriend are coming down this evening and staying for the weekend. The idea is that they will help with moving stuff, and that Son will help to dismantle his huge bed and move it from his flat. It will come here temporarily (leaning against my bedroom wall because that's the only place it can go) until he can have it in his new home. All was going well until I tried to call him on my mobile. It informed me that there was no network coverage!! Then I tried him on my landline - which promptly refused to work. I tried phoning everyone I know on both mobile and landline, to no avail. My landline isn't working, and neither is my mobile. I am incommunicado. And I am furious. I have hurled both phones in various directions (temper, temper) and have not succeeded in either breaking them or making them work. At 10pm I finally went downstairs to my neighbour and borrowed her phone to call Son - only to discover that they had not yet left London and were aiming (rather drunkenly by the sound of it) to catch the 10.30 pm train. This means that they won't arrive until at least 11.30, by which time I hope to be in bed reading "His Dark Materials".

We have a pretty frantic weekend coming up. Daughter and the Boyfriend are collecting the removal van tomorrow at 5pm. Then they are all helping to dismantle the giant bed and bring it here, together with my stepladder. They will then take the chest of drawers and bookcase they are having from me and load them into the van. On Sunday morning they are planning a trip to the tip with a few bits and pieces and then they will load all the packing cases and boxes in. In the meantime, Grandson will be delivered to me so that they can all get on. They have another pair of hands coming to help too - a friend of the Boyfriend - and should have everything loaded on by Sunday night. (Heaven knows where they are all going to sleep on Sunday night - at least Grandson is with me.) Then on Monday (Completion Day) they are having the carpets cleaned at 9am, going to the Storage unit to pick up Daughter's stuff, and driving to the new house for 12noon to have the Inventory checked!! After which they can start to unload everything into their new house. Let's hope it all goes to plan. Grandson will be here, and as they have to have the van back in Brighton by 5pm, they will come to collect him, and then drive back to their new home. Phew! I will have to liaise with our buyer and deliver the keys to her on Monday when we have the OK from our Solicitor. What fun and games.

PS. Have just had a phone call from Son - at 11pm - to say that they are on the train, in London, which is packed (standing room only). It has been delayed because they can't find the driver! Honestly. Heaven knows what time they'll get here.


aims said...

Sounds crazy - and that your phone started working again.

Elizabethd said...

Leaves me breathless! So glad not to be young and moving house again!
Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Are you still able to use your internet?
Moving is so stressful but very exciting at the same time. Hope everything goes well. Good luck.

Crystal xx