Monday, January 28, 2008

Shredding the Past.

I'm sitting here holding my left hand because it hurts. Last night I came back from dinner with a couple of Brighton Best Friends and decided that I would carry out my recycling boxes for the morning. Only I thought I could carry them both together, and it wasn't a good idea! The result was that I lay in bed last night cradling the sprained hand, and today it has been pretty painful, on and off.

The last few days have been rather a blur anyway. I tootled off on Friday afternoon to meet another old friend, who lives in the Forest of Dean. We have been friends for about a hundred years, but I hadn't seen her recently because last year she (also!) had an operation for a Brain Tumour and so wasn't really up to much. She has made a very good recovery, though, and now looks as good as new. We booked into an hotel in Petersfield (she had spent the day visiting her old Auntie who is 96!) and had a proper catching-up session. It was great. We enjoyed a lovely supper and some very good wine. And then we just fell into bed and slept like logs. In the morning we sat in their restaurant and drank very good coffee before parting and promising to do the same again soon. Anyway, my student had survived without me and was perfectly happy on his own. I can't remember what else I did at the weekend, except a walk by the sea yesterday because it was such a glorious day. I walked with a friend to the Meeting Place, and we both enjoyed a late breakfast sitting gazing at the sea. More good coffee and lots of good conversation. Once I'm home again though I just keep falling asleep. I think the events of the last week or so (and the last eighteen months!) are catching up with me, because I just can't keep my eyes open.

Today I have spent most of the time shredding the paperwork from the past. All the letters, documents and legal stuff relating to Son's ex-flat have been shredded and stuffed into a large green polythene sack. And that sack is now in my bin, ready to be collected on Wednesday. It felt very good getting rid of it. Bring on the Future.


Rob Clack said...

I'd have said you'd earned a rest! Feet up and a large glass of something nice, I'd say. R

aims said...

And put some ice on that hand...I know heat feels so much better - but I think ice is called for.

A walk by the sea...grrrrrrrrr

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thank you Rob for that thought - I have been doing just that - in fact I can't seem to stay awake!

Aims - will you please be my Mum?
Hand is much better thank you - and I spotted Red Deer in my Atlas - very exciting. M xx