Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Mother's Place...

I knew I would end up in the wrong again. I have just endured a lecture by my Daughter on how unreasonable I am being with regard to the Boyfriend. Now, of course, I don't think I am being unreasonable - I may be unable to embrace him and his shortcomings, or to forgive him his behaviour over Christmas, but I'm not going on about it. Daughter simply wants us to get on - and I don't think that's ever going to happen, except on a superficial level. If the truth is told, I don't think he is good enough for her, or intelligent enough. She really does deserve better. I don't understand his attitudes or his beliefs. I know that it is not my choice, and it has to be my Daughter's life and choice. But what do I do about it? I'm pretty sure he feels the same about me, and if he was asked, I imagine he would describe me as a "posh cow" or something similar. As my Daughter, on one memorable occasion, called me a "short, fat, ugly old cow", perhaps they are rather well suited. I'm sure we will manage to sort it out, families usually do. But I fear it may result in us not seeing a great deal of each other once she has moved away with the Boyfriend. I may be a snob, but I don't want my Grandson growing up saying "I done it". Or believing that it's OK to download music for nothing (and boast loudly about it), or buying DVDs,copying them and then returning them and getting his money back. I know I have old-fashioned values, and I value education and intelligence. I don't sneer at them. OK, I'm a posh cow AND a snob! It's probably too late for me to change...

This evening I have done my invoice for the copywriting, and will post it tomorrow. It's very likely that they will give me some more work soon, so it could be a busy New Year. Tomorrow my French Lady is coming for her regular weekend, so I have stocked up with Christmas Pudding, which she loves, and brandy butter, which I made. I don't have any brandy cream, but I guess we'll manage without. Diet, damned diet!

It has also turned very cold indeed today - we actually had some snow this morning, though very slight and not enough to settle. Daughter and I took Grandson to the Brighton Centre to try ice skating, which was great fun. He slipped and slid, but did manage to keep his balance after a while. And Daughter had a good go after he had given up. She looked very good skating round, and was pleased that she had remembered how to do it. I didn't venture out on the ice, though I rather regretted it. I want to be skating somewhere in the Alps, out of doors in the frosty air, with snow, twinkling lights, fir trees and all the traditional accompaniments. Maybe next year..


Debra in France said...

Poor you, what a rough time you had. There is nothing wrong with sticking to your morals and what you believe to be right. Hopefully your morals with rub off on your grandson and dilute the boyfriends.

You are being realistic when you say you won't ever really get on with him. It must be reallyhard as a parent to see your daughter with someone you know is not not good enough for them. I know I had loads of arguement with my mum about boyfriends over the years.

Hope you had a good evening with your French Lady.

Keep smiling and don't the arguement with your daughter get you down. You were in the right, he behaved badly in the first place by hogging the childrens easel, and even worse by walking out - how childish!

aims said...

Just popped over to say hello after reading your comment over on mine.
I've been before - lurking most likely as sometimes all the comments have said exactly how I feel.
Perhaps your daughter should read my story??
Of course she'll say that would never happen to her or that this boyfriend is exactly like 'The Man' - but it has been an eye-opener for many.