Friday, January 11, 2008

Light in your head and dead on your feet..

Another busy day preparing for the move to come. There were letters to write and post, phone calls to make and arrangements to be confirmed. It seems odd to think that in 10 days time Daughter and Grandson will be living somewhere else - not in Brighton. For the first time for three and a half years they won't be either in my house or round the corner. Son is also busily looking at more flats in London, and is finding that (for the first time in years) it seems to be a buyers' market.In London! Apparently there are lots of properties in their price range, and vendors are accepting 'silly' offers in order to sell quickly. It seems that some people are expecting the property market to fall even further. Who knows - but it's an ill wind, as they say. Only six months ago Son was despairing of ever finding anything decent in his price bracket in London - and at the time I said, don't worry, it'll all turn out for the best in the end. Forsooth, it seems I may have been right!

I have at last managed to sort out my favourite Blogs list, with all the links actually working - thanks to help and advice from my Blogging friends. (Special thanks to Rob and Aims.) Better still, I now actually understand how to do it. That's the advantage of getting things wrong to start with, you have to work at getting them right, and in the process you learn something. Cool. Now I'm going to have a go at putting some more photos on. Daughter did the last one for me, and I know that I'll have to do it myself - and probably make a few mistakes - before I get it right.

Listening to my radio, as ever, I heard "Baker Street" on Terry Wogan yesterday, and was immediately transported back to the 70s when the Ex-Husband and I lived in my wonderful flat in Little Venice and used to drive to work, round Regent's Park and "winding our way down Baker Street". (Of course, he wasn't my Ex then.) The words of the song brought it all back "Light in your head, and dead on your feet." We were often feeling just like that, having been out for the night with friends and floating into the office on a cloud. We were certainly the "beautiful people" then (or thought we were), both with curly perms! I wore floaty Laura Ashley or Biba, day or night, and loved every minute. It was a charmed life. Of course, that was before we had the children. Looking back, it seems an impossible dream. I'm glad I experienced it, but real life started with a jolt in 1979, with the birth of Son!

I'm off for an early night; this excitement is wearing me out - but before I go, I have to check on all my favourite Bloggers, just to make sure they're alright. It's a bit like tucking my babies up in their beds. Night,night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite!


aims said...

Hey Girl - so happy to have helped. I usually have 'The Man' do it - but I have learned after numerous mistakes as well...

Retiredandcrazy said...

My daughter was a colleague at work and lived around the corner. Last week she moved to France with three of my grandchildren and things will be very different.

But I roll with the punches and now have another place to add to my "visit" list.

Retiredandcrazy said...

A young guy in IT asked me if I submitted my RSS feed to syndicators. I said "uhh? can you write down how I do that please". The resulting instructions were equally as incomprehensible!

I guess my point is that there is always a bright young thing around that knows more than me, and there is, thankfully, always so much more to learn.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

You sound just like me as far as the blogging is concerned. I try to tell myself I'm not addicted but of course I am really. I like to see what's been happening in the world of blog - every day!

Crystal xx